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Hey guys,
I just posted a new course about sustainable farming on Udemy.

The course provides a quick analysis of how to start a farm and includes information on:

Compost tea
Planting strategies for spring and summer crops and fall and winter crops
Post-harvesting areas
And creating an annual farm plan

It’s free for a limited time. Here’s a coupon

Please leave a rating and review if you sign up.

Here’s the main page

EDIT: Well, the freebies got eaten up fast. Here’s another coupon for the course. For ten bucks.

And here’s a coupon for a PDC course I posted a few years ago. It’s the highest rated course about sustainable living on Udemy! For ten bucks!

Hope you dig it friends
6 months ago

Here's a list of some sites around the world... click on the one for Asia and the Middle East for one's around SE Asia. Hope this helps!
4 years ago
Come get hands-on experience working on permaculture projects in Asia!

What you can expect to learn
In this 4-week course held at different locations, you can expect to:

* Learn about all aspects of permaculture,
* Get hands-on experience working on projects for Mango Tree and the community,
* Design a complete site plan for a real project,
* Earn a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), and
* Live, eat, work and have fun with the Mango Tree community!

Where are the courses
Panya Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand - June 1 - June 28, 2014
Saelao Project, Vang Vieng, Laos - July 6 - August 3, 2014
Mango Tree, Lamjung, Nepal - August 10 - September 7, 2014

Each site has access to toilets and showers, proper sleeping kitchen and classroom facilitites,
Meals will be traditional of the local culture, prepared and served at each respective site.

Practical work
Some projects we plan to install during the internship:
* Water – Install grey water system and solar water heater for showers
* Garden – Make compost, plant trees and plants, design landscape
* Building – Build a nursery, build a bigger adobe oven, build accommodation and classroom
* Trail maintenance –General cleanup, make signs for hiking trail

Course curriculum
The course will include lessons and discussions on all aspects of permaculture. More information about the Permaville Course can be found at Permaculture Design Course information. The following curriculum will be covered throughout the month:

* Introduction to Permaculture, Principles and Goals, Sectors and zones, Design Methodology, Patterns in Nature, Urban Design, Climates and Microclimates

Project Plan
* Physical areas – Earthworks, Natural building, Water, Sanitation, Soil, Compost, Nursery, Gardening, Trees, Forests, Animals, Fermentation, Kitchen, Environment
* Technical areas – Appropriate technology, Electricity, Mechanics, Economics
* Social areas – Meditation/yoga, Healthcare and Hygiene, Youth and Family, Education, Culture

* Project management, Budgeting, Programming, Web design, Marketing

How much
Each course costs 1000 USD (Fee covers food, lodging and program costs for 4 weeks)
*Scholarships are available for people from each respective country.

How to sign up
Go to
5 years ago
Permaville is a holistic strategy to assess a community and design practical, ecological solutions. This book offers abstracts of over 180 permaculture elements and programs and an extensive plan to make significant installations in the community of Munoz, Dominican Republic.

Here is a description of the book:
"In the middle of 2007, for the first time in human history, it was estimated that more than half of the world's population lived in cities. Cities provide luxuries but consume an unbearable amount of resources. Rural areas, while they don't consume as much as cities, often can't provide enough basic amenities like food or healthcare. At this juncture of our collective human development, we face two major challenges: 1) How can we decrease the consumption of goods, food, energy, minerals and water in urban areas? And how can we provide more goods and services to people in rural areas? Permaville presents a powerful, new perspective on community development. Including abstracts of over 180 permaculture elements and programs, Permaville walks the reader through the process of redesigning a community into a revenue-generating paradise. Based on the Permaculture Design Course, Permaville presents readers with a comprehensive philosophy on what people need and challenges readers to think about what they would do to improve the physical and social infrastructure of their home and community. If you are looking for a new perspective on what we are doing on this planet, you should read this book."

Get it on Amazon ($14.99) -
Get it on e-junkie ($8.99) -
Or check out the website:

Thanks, hope to hear from you!
brian.newhouse @
6 years ago