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Recent posts by Debra Snook

Great Ideas so far.. thankyou..

I just ordered the Giant Stropharia and some other things..
I have lots of Straw and looking for logs to plug with other varieties. ( my future want list )

What media do you grow your Oyster mushrooms in?

Has any one grown edible mushrooms on Horse manure and straw?
My Brother has a horse barn and lots of mixed pooh. 12 Ft high last time i was there..

Still looking for info re: can one eat mushrooms from Lagoons.
I like the fact that they can clean the water .. it would be nice to get a crop from it if it was safe to consume.

2 years ago
Hello .
I'm curious about suggestions..
I live in South west Kansas ( zone 6 )
I have an opportunity to try some mushroom colonies here in my HOT DRY summers.
would like to know which would be good for cleaning up water runoff.

So you have suggestions for special media to grow on around lagoon pits?

Also if used in this way, to clean up water, are the mushrooms Edible or Not.

Thanks for your input.
2 years ago
Debra-What is this jam book you speak of?
The Jam book is one you make your self.. several ways.. or options
1-Composition Book - ( I like this better than a) -2 spiral notebook -3 ring binder
Fill the notebook with Tablature or sheet music of songs. you are playing now..
you have every thing you know or are working on in that book This is what you practice out of every day.. learning the new. polishing the songs you know
.. and when you go to a Jam. you can easily share the songs / lyrics / chords / tabs/ with others .. so they can play along with you.

This differs with other song books in that .. you are currently learning ( or have learned ) every song in the Jam book..
copy and past or transcribe songs you like from the other books .. in to the Jam book - only when your ready to learn that song
For me its easier to keep focused on 1 book.
3 years ago
Hello Ann,

lessons are great..

I think finding a group to "Jam" with is equally inspirational ..
I don't have one close by and my playing suffers for it.

I just happened to sign up here today, i thought you may find it useful.

I found an interview .. that recommended to acquire all the music that is free to download... in order to train the ear to listen for notes , chords and rhythms.

here is a thread on different way's to practice

the best practice advice i ever got was from Steve Kauffman -
set a finite amount of time for your daily practice.
Keep songs in a Jam book (so others can play with you)
get an egg timer or the like.. that will ding .. loudly.. the key is .. when the ding goes off you must stop...

Start off with review Of songs in your jam book .. to improve timing and or speed (practice with metronome )
take the first half of practice in review of material you already know
like old songs , scales , strumming patterns . ( Ding !!!) . take the pick away from the instrument )

part II of practice is on new material.. scales, songs, play until the ding goes off.. then take the pick away from the instrument and put it away in the case.

I started with 2 practice sessions 30min in the am (15/15) and 30 min pm(15/15) to save my fingers when i first started steel string guitar.

This leaves me wanting more..
You've reminded me to .. get back to the basics.. thanks for that.
3 years ago
Hello.. I was interested in plaster when Sister inlaw built there home.. I think the cost was prohibitive for her.. maybe you know of Less expensive way's.

I live in Clay soil zone.. is it possible to use local clay// or potters clay.. and add coloring to that.

? What are some creative Dye's or Coloring you've heard of or used?

Thanks.. much
4 years ago
hello.. I"m hoping some one is still monitoring this thread..
I have set up my ccompost tea and it will be done .. in a day or 2
I also have made the rice wash lab's..

my ? is .. can i apply this with a siphon & sprinkler.. and still have em.. working after mixing with city water - we still have a small ppm chlorine added..

thanks.. I'm not wanting to cary a watering can .. for all the yard and garden..
alternatives appreciated.
5 years ago
Great list of trees.. .. I have an already planted apricot row..
how far away would you suggest to plant near them.. ( or near existing garden plot)

Thanks.. D Snook
5 years ago

duane hennon wrote:
I'm totally confused about the whole concept. Why would anyone want to "care for a lawn"
I thought permaculture was all about eradicating lawn 

I"m with you .. last year i went to a no mo lawn. Mostly buffalo grass I'm trying to "re generate"..
I confess .. I got some thing to kill the bermuda last year to put on it.. and it worked .. good. I"m sure i'll find some.. but .. on tothe current problem

We have cheet grass - oh. .google helped me spell cheatgrass .. its awful.. so in the "permie" way. what would you recommend.?

5 years ago