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have a look , german company


my idea is to cover with mosaic tiles glass or pocelain, they often are
already on a mesh, easy to place them
7 years ago
Frank, very good idea thanks very much, I guess this is it!

7 years ago
Frank, thank you, this was my first thought. There are 2 rooms to heat, kitchen and the bedroom directly above.
I m not sure about efficiency since no mass in bedroom will store heat during the night. (except my girl and me haha)
But what do you mean exactly with the box,an oven perhaps?
7 years ago

Saybian Morgan wrote:Do you mean these? I read the spec's on ceramic tile flue liners and it's pretty kickass. I bought 2100f rated flue pipe to make a bastards burn tunnel with no clay, but these ceramic molds beat that hands down and probably would have cost me the same.


we use these here in greece since 5000 bC
old technology rules
7 years ago

Clifford Gallington wrote:

Thank you Clifford, since the wall structure of the kitchen is a 23 inch thick (500+years old by the way)
stone wall, i want to place the mass on top of that creating a bench. the old concrete 1 floor would not stand
that weight of thermo mass of course. The walls on 1floor made of wood/bamboo/cob about 7inch thick placed
on the outer edges of stone walls, so i have about 16 inches for the mass/bench which hopefully will heat a 50 sq feet
sleeping room. You may ask why not placing the hole thing in sleeping room? Because the two rooms are not
connected internally but have separate entrances and static problems due to the mass and i want to heat 2 small places
with one fire, using heat riser barrel for cooking purposes too.


7 years ago
Hi, please excuse for bad english. Excellent forum you have here!
Could someone please answer my question about an RMH build:
I want to set intake and heat raiser barrel on ground floor (kitchen) and send exhaust vertical to the first
floor where thermo mass will be installed(sleeping room). Height from ground into first floor is 7 feet. Thermo
mass bench in first floor should be 7-8 feet. Anyone done this before? Should exhaust pipe on ground level
be insulated? Will there be draft problems?
Thank you very much
8 years ago