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Recent posts by Zach Weiss

Learn how to rejuvenate waterways and revive landscapes anywhere in the world with your own two hands!

There are so many positive developments happening in the field of nature based solutions, but there is also a one huge weak link. Having implemented projects across 6 continents, all around the world, it's something I see time and time again.

There are far too few people that know how to do this work. Every year there are more people aware of it, more people wanting to invest in it, and more people helping others understand the theories and concepts. But there are still so few people that can confidently and competently do the work.

People that can with their own hands, heart, and mind, revive rivers and revitalize landscapes. There are lots of people making courses, videos, podcasts, articles, newsletters about it, but still far too few guiding others through the real work - where you get dirty, covered in earth, and achieve real results on the ground for the environment. Currently I think this is the main thing holding these solutions back from scaling.

This is why we created the Water Stories Core Course, to empower you with the skills and abilities you'll need to make these kinds of transformations yourself. In our Advanced Core Course I take you through a decade of my learning and experience, in 6 months.

It has been amazing to see the results of this course. Within a year people are implementing these changes on their own landscapes, making it their full time career, and becoming powerful advocates for water.

Today is the last day for the early bird deal, and there is only 1 month left to join the 2024 course. Once it starts on March 31 the next advanced course won't take place till 2025.

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2 months ago
It's hard seeing the state of the world and knowing that so many of the issues we're currently facing could be easily remedied. When it comes to flood, drought, fire, water scarcity, desertification, climate instability (and the resulting tensions, migration, and conflicts) we have clear and proven solutions that work. There are living and recent examples of simple actions humans can take that create positive ripple effects. We don't need new technology, or even new techniques. We need the masses to understand the future that is possible and attainable and to start taking action in that direction.

Over the past decade I've worked across 6 continents in more than 25 different countries. In that time I've seen so many different landscapes, climates, and contexts. Shockingly, despite all of the differences so many of the challenges they face are the same. Too much water at times, too little water at others, springs, rivers and waterways going dry, and the landscape heating up with fever.

I'm on a journey to help remedy these challenges and create a better common future.

Will you join me?
Do you want to gain the skills of a Sepp Holzer, Rajendra Singh, or Wangari Maathai? Then the Water Stories Core Course is made just for you!

We just opened enrollment for the next round of our advanced course. This is a 6 month live cohort journey. I do the best to condense my decade of learning from the world's best practitioners into the most important pieces - to move you through that same learning process in just 6 months. This is a course that will lead you to direct action on your land and/or in your community. There is no other training out there that is anything like this. Enrollment is open now through July 9th. Then the advanced course will be closed again till 2024.

Explore the Core Course

We are also just launching the self paced Essentials version of the course. This gives you access to all of the content at once, and is also available at a discounted rate.

Right now, during our launch and through July 9th we're also offering a 20% early bird discount for Essentials.

If you're ready to take your work with land and water to the next level, and learn directly from a practitioner who has spent the last decade working on Sepp Holzer style projects around the world (many directly with Sepp) then this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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10 months ago
It is an exciting time for Water Stories. Yesterday we released this latest video from Sepp and also opened the next round of our Core Course. This training condenses decades of experience and wisdom from the world's water leaders like Sepp Holzer and Rajendra Singh, into a carefully crafted experience of 4 phases of growth through 12 video modules. Next week we'll be releasing part 1 of our film with Sepp!

If you're interested in learning more about Water Cycle Restoration please check out our Core Course. The advanced version is open only through July 9th, and we're offering a 20% early bird discount on our newly launched self paced essentials course for the same durration.

Check out the Water Stories Core Course

If you want access to the new Sepp film as soon as it's released make sure you join the Water Stories Community.

We hope these offerings help make your water dreams a reality.
10 months ago
This is a project we've been working on for almost 5 years now finally coming to fruition. This summer we're releasing part 1 with hopes to gain the funding we need to complete a feature length film on Sepp Holzer.

I had the great fortune to be able to learn from, work and travel with Sepp in North America and Europe from 2012-2015. As I realized the importance to spread this message and let others know what's possible I started working on a film with Sepp in 2018. And now we're finally releasing the trailer, and part 1 this summer.

This seemingly endless film project took many different forms, leading to the films Reviving Rivers, and Desert or Rainforest, but it all started with Sepp and his message is also heavily embedded in these films as it has had such a foundational impact on me.

This lead to the creation of the Water Stories Community, and our Core Course to train people how to become Water Cycle Restoration Practitioners, either as professionals, stewards, or advocates. We're just about to open up the next round of our Advanced Core Course, and also launch a self-paced Essentials option for the course.

What a wonderful, weaving, and windy journey it has been, I'm really excited to get back to where it all started with Sepp!!!
11 months ago
The Water Cycle is something that we all learn about in school, but we aren't taught the full story. The full water cycle is much more complex and interconnected, illustrating the beautiful harmony that develops in nature.

The World's Great Water Warriors - 10 Heroes of Water

Heroes lead and inspire us to create a better common future. They stand up for the oppressed and give voice to the voiceless. The world has seen many incredible water heroes over time, but a few rise above the rest.

Here are our 10 heroes of water, people from around the world that took action into their own hands and made positive ripple effects for the health of their lands, waters, and communities.

On planet Earth, fresh water is the source of life on land. How we manage our fresh waters, including the rain, dictates the environment that future generations will inherit.

To easily understand this, we think of the bank of fresh water in the Earth as a bank account. If we're always drawing from our bank account and never making any deposits, we all know how that goes. Eventually something comes up and we need a little extra and it's not there. Then we get into a cycle of increasingly severe and crippling debt. It becomes very difficult to get out of this feedback loop of scarcity.

In contrast, if we're always depositing more into our bank account than we're drawing from it, we also know how that goes. When something comes up and we need a little extra, we have it on hand in our savings from a year when we had more than we needed.

The same is true for the bank of fresh water in the Earth. But instead of money, it's the productivity, abundance, and health of life on land. The ecosystems that regulate our climate, and the healthy underground aquifers that provide surplus in times of need.

In this video, we take a closer look at this with an agricultural example, two farmers with different water and land management practices, and see how each plays out.

We've been releasing a TON of content on the Water Stories community, animations, films, webinars, etc.  Our latest release is one that I'm very excited about - a short video with Sepp Holzer.  This is in advance of our full film about Sepp, that will be released towards the end of this year exclusively on the platform.  

This video is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you like it, please join the community for more.  It is free to join and teaming with valuable content.

Join the Water Stories Community
2 years ago
A couple of years ago while visiting Austria, Sepp Holzer gave me the strongest compliment I’ve ever received, and then followed with - “it was good to have one of me, but the earth needs thousands, millions would be better.”  This really stuck with me, and altered the path of my life.  

I have since done my best to try and encapsulate this knowledge and approach that I’ve received and developed, into a digestible package - to make it so there are thousands or even millions of people around the world earning their livelihood healing the Earth.  The time has come and this is something people are not only ready for, but in many cases desperate for.  Having worked around the world for the past decade I’ve seen how necessary a new relationship with water is, and how every region is facing their own sets of impacts and challenges.  I’ve seen this approach deliver results even in the harshest conditions.  

So along with a team of brilliant individuals over the past 2 years we’ve developed the Water Stories Core Course.  This is my best effort to teach you all of the essential pieces I’ve learned about implementing Decentralized Water Retention Landscapes.  This course aligns with the launch of our community of practitioners, helping one another grow and develop as we collectively restore the health of watersheds worldwide.  

Learn More About the Core Course
2 years ago