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Sounds like a great time!  I'll be driving cross country between projects in the east and ones in the west, sometime mid to late June.  If the dates coincide I will certainly be stopping in to enjoy in the festivities!
9 months ago
@Peter Kalokerinos

Not sure if you found someone to help you implement Holzer's approach at your place or if you've gone in a different direction but it's looking like I will be coming to New Zealand and NSW Australia for two different projects this December/January.  I would be happy to add your project to the trip if you are still interested as I will already be in the region.  If you're still interested send me a contact form or email through my website:

Elemental Ecosystems
1 year ago
Well this question kind of opens up a can of worms, but long story short the organizers we were working with at that time had their own agenda and Sepp was never on board with offering certification for merely 30 days of workshops and one successful project, even though it was presented to us otherwise.  

Currently I am the only person Sepp has personally certified (he said because I am so talented, his words not mine).  There was the year long training program at the Krameterhof that Sepp used to run, that is now continued by his son Josef, but that is a different experience, more like a PDC - attend, do the basic work, and receive a certificate.

This I can say, I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in ecology, but earning certification from Sepp was at least an order of magnitude more difficult, maybe even two or three. While working on a project with Sepp a couple of weeks ago in Germany he said something along the lines of receiving certification should really mean something, I think that's a big part of why I'm the only one who has received this honor from him to date, he's about as demanding and diligent a mentor as one could ask for, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Peter, I have a long standing policy of offering a discount for my first project on a new continent, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica are the only ones I have yet to work on. I would be thrilled to help you with your project.

Simone, I'm based out of Montana, very close to Alberta, and I'll be working in British Columbia this September and Saskatchewan next year. I would very much love to help you with your project as well.

If either of you would like to move forward with this you can find out more about my process and contact me through my website.
1 year ago
Based on the past several years I wanted to organize an expanded offering at the Krameterhof for English speakers to gain more hands-on practical experience with Holzer Permaculture. I think there is a tremendous amount to be gained form time observing and experiencing the Krameterhof as well. After talking it over in more detail with Josef we came up with an offering I'm really excited about.

This is going to be a very practice based workshop, come ready to get your hands and cloths dirty over an Intensive 10 days of Permaculture in Practice. We'll go over the Agroforestry systems at the Krameterhof, tap a spring for drinking water, harvest a pond, go over the aquaculture systems at the Krameterhof, Animal Husbandry and humane slaughter, Medicinal Herbs, Forest Gardening, Grafting onto wild fruits, Planning in Permaculture, modeling Water Gardens, and more. I can't express how excited I am for what I think people are going to gain from this opportunity.

Water Gardens at the Krameterhof

European Crawfish a very important and lucrative crop at the Krameterhof

Herb Garden at the Krameterhof

This is a Holzer Permaculture workshop all centered around working with the ecosystem of the farm. Participants will experience some of the inner workings of the Krameterhof; not just in theory but in practice so the body knows it as well as the mind and there is no hesitation for action.

In order to provide such a dynamic workshop we have to limit the number of participants to 25. As this is a first time offering, really the first of it's kind, I expect it to sell out fairly quickly. It's very reasonably priced at 1,120 Euros and right now the USD is particularly strong against the Euro. At the time of this post the workshop costs $1,215 USD.

For more on the workshop or to register:

Click Here

Speck House for Curing Meats

Pear Grafted onto Mountain Ash

Sepp has done an amazing job spreading the vision and strategy to establish these systems, he is the strong pioneer that creates opportunities for greater things. This will be the first opportunity for English speakers to really dive into working with ecosystems farming in an effective way on a long term established model landscape. With both the practice of establishment and then the development and harvesting of the ecosystem I feel we are preparing others to restore and regenerate landscapes as efficiently as possible - developing dynamic and synergistic ecosystems.

2 years ago
I'm so thankful for Sepp Holzer every day. When I think of what it means to be an Ecological Warrior, Sepp Holzer is the shining example that has inspired and empowered me and so many others. So much power, so much grace, so much wisdom.

I'm excited to again be offering the opportunity for English speakers to learn from and meet Sepp, visit his new farm the Holzerhof, and be the first group to see his new project in Jennersdorf. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn with several different students of Holzer visiting the first Edible Village in Austria the Wildniskulturhof located in the same region as Sepp's new place. Participants will also learn about natural beekeeping and log hives with a rebel beekeeper in the Austrian Alps.

We can only take 30 people for this event so be sure to register early to secure your spot. The early bird deadline is March 31.

Trip Highlights:
The Holzerhof
The Edible Village of Ulbebach
Natural Beekeeping

For more details and to register:

Click Here

Sepp Holzer at the Holzerhof with a previous group

2 years ago
How do I use my new found pie to add more forums to a thread?
Awesome!! Thank you Maurice!!
3 years ago
This year's trip to Austria was an amazing experience for many different reasons, one of my favorites was being able to see a variety of different aged Holzer style systems in place. We saw the Krameterhof of course, an amazing demonstration of the possibilities to work with nature, the Holzerhof, perhaps even more impressive to see what can be done within 15 years and with virtually no maintenance for the first decade, and the Wildniskulturhof a project still within it's first year.

Judith has done a truly amazing job grabbing this project by the horns. What she has been able to accomplish within 9 months is remarkable Already a series of ponds have been created, a spring tapped, several shallow wells dug to harvest the ground water flowing through the property, a tiny home moved to the site, a few kilometers of terraces, an earth cellar, hundreds of trees planted, agro industrialized chickens renaturalized and given a much better life, and those are just the highlights. I'm further inspired as she provides an example of a single woman making all of this come together.

She has been putting her heart and soul into the project along with all of her financial resources and she has now come to a point where she needs to ask the community for help. Her goal is to get the remaining systems in place to support multiple people living on site to romance the systems that have been put in place to their full potential. This is after all the most important phase with Holzer Permaculture. This site will be an education center and demonstration site for other's to visit, work at and gain skills and experience to feel confident managing this type of system for themselves.

Wildniskulturhof Crowdfunding Campaign | Click Here

You can find out more about the Wildniskulturhof and see updates by following the link below:

Wildniskulturhof Homepage

Unfortunately the video below is only in German but it still gives you a good idea of the scope of the project and the systems that have been put into place so far.

This video is also in German but is the most recent interview with Sepp. It really has some great content, maybe someone will be inspired to translate what he says and post it here for others to gain from as well.

3 years ago
About a week ago I became the first and only Certified Holzer Practitioner in North America. To the best of my knowledge I am the only person to receive this distinction outside of the formal training programs at the Krameterhof and in Russia.

Sepp is not an easy person to impress, it took over 10 successful Holzer style projects, lots of hard work, and plenty of gumption to finally receive this distinction; graduating summa cum laude with a degree in ecology was a breeze by comparison.

So what does this mean? I'm ready to facilitate an improved relationship between people and their landscape, I'm ready to play my part in the silent, peaceful revolution that's coming.

I give thanks to Sepp Holzer for the vision and tireless work he has done throughout his life; for blazing the trail that I now continue, for blasting through the wall that I now walk through.
3 years ago