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Recent posts by Ben Mosley

Todd Parr wrote:I'm still in the decision-making process with regards to this.  I personally really like donkeys and mules, but my lady insists she would rather have an alpaca or a llama as a guard animal.  We are still looking for the larger area of land we will purchase, so the decision isn't pressing, but does anyone have any input with regards to their personal preference and why?  I'm very much an animal person, so I'm sure I would be happy adding any of these animals to our rag-tag bunch.

I don't like alpaca or llama. They have a tendency to spit at me. Nasty creatures. I'll take a nice ass any day. ROFL!

paul wheaton wrote:

That's nice but I don't think it's moss art. It looks like some type of small leaf shrub.
6 years ago
Thanks for confirming what I was told.I prefer the smaller donkeys.I hope you get that one.It sounds like it needs a good home.
Something odd is happening around me.Cattle and horse farms are adding burrows,donkeys,or mules in with their cows and horses.Why?One older man I talked with said, the donkeys, and such,were more skittish.They would alert to predators before the cows or horses would know they were there.Is this true?There has been a big market for small burrows and donkeys here lately.That may make it feasible to buy acreage,other than to just have a boundary between neighbors.

paul wheaton wrote:

Ben Mosley wrote:
Made it to TV.

I searched and did not see your name there.

I posted that sarcastically.I furget that sarcasm doesn't always come through on the internets.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Bill Bianchi wrote:
I'm writing a dual series of novellas set in a post apocalyptic world, told in first person from the POV of a young boy in one

Did you ever write these books?

Made it to TV.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Here is something I have said about 40 times to about 40 photographers. And I suspect zero of those photographers have followed my advice.

Take a great pic, reduce the size of the pic to 700 pixels wide and post it to permies. Post the high res pic out at a stock photography site. Put a link to all of your pics at the stock photography site in your signature. Repeat daily for a month.

Now you will probably earn about $400 per year. So over the next ten years, you will have earned about $4000 - or $133 per picture.

Now do stuff with your picture to make it easier to find. Rather than the name of the pic being 10000045602.jpg, change the name to beautiful-rocket-mass-heater.jpg and set the description for the pic to "a beautiful rocket mass heater I saw in oregon". And then the text that goes with the post talks about it. And, of course, it appears in a thread about beautiful rocket mass heaters.

Now you earn $1000 per year on those images, or $333 per picture.

Now go to a few other forums and do it with the same pictures and you are getting more than $500 per picture.

Now do this for a full year and discover that you are getting $800 per picture over a ten year span of time. $2500 per month comes in and you don't do anything more. It is all on autopilot.

And if you stop posting pics, that money just keeps coming in year after year.

- - - -

Today I got another email from somebody that wants to pay for a high res pic they saw here on permies.

Is it really that easy?Seems like over time the pic views would go down and no money will be made.
7 years ago

ben harpo wrote:How did he do the roof? How did the Old Believers in Russia do their roofs?

It looks like logs???

He had a tar paper roof over small log rafters,and I believe he eventually covered it with moss to add insulation.
8 years ago
Ya'll was making good progress.How are things with the wofati since winter has set in?
8 years ago
I guess I need a money flow diagram because I still don't quite get it.
9 years ago