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Matt Grantham

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since Nov 13, 2012
Involved with go local type campaigns and am interested in the intersection of such campaigns and local food production. Also very interested in how communities can organize around a wide variety of issues under a more singular banner to facilitate the creation of alternative local media and networking capabilities. I have a particular focus on local food production and alternative/natural health issues, and believe these are the two areas where we can create the best inroads to community activation.

I worked on the North Bay Progressive newspaper with Peter Phillips a few years back and remain interested in producing local papers. I am also pretty familiar with local currency issues and the wider philosophical underpinnings of economics in general. I am a enthusiast of many of the likely heroes, David Korten, Michael Pollan, Gar Alperovitz, Helena Nordberg Hodge, etc, but am also disappointed  with the manner which movements and there leaders have interacted with one another

I have also served on my local green party county council for 8 years plus. In general I find the others focused on running candidates, taking stances on propositions and other parties candidates, and getting behind one or two issues. I have never fit into that paradigm well since I instead believe we must first educate people, then get them actively creating substantive change, and then running political candidates in support of such accomplishments.

I probably do not belong in the greens since in some ways i am an anarchist, but the greens did put "decentralization" in their ten key values, though it seems like that is a fact I need to remind my fellow greens of on a regular basis

So to wrap up I am likely to be person here who is keenly interested in gathering information and resources to convey to others in a couple forms of dissemination. Paul is one of the few folks i have heard for that seems to have a similar focus, especially in that he has promoted a discussion board and offers MP3 audio and has resource guides. I invite him to get in touch with me if he has any interest in my efforts to express the ideas and resources of permaculture and re loclization movements into a coherent system to activate communities
Napa CA
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Bryant RedHawk Is there a type of foam board you recommend for insulation?
6 months ago
I want to be careful with my comments since I feel somewhat responsible for raising a topic that can be controversial. So I hope those who feel I might be pushing things to give me their feedback on going about things the wrong way. It seems like several us believe communities, or the actors within communities, could go a lot further in terms of their local fruit tree, or other food, production Yet there seems to be a difference of opinion on how we go about getting there I have no problem with the idea of using existing institutional and familial relations in order to bring about such change However I would suggest that there is likely a limit to how much change one can make in any given situation only using the type of relationships one has used in the building of the existing paradigm I see nothing naive or impractical in the idea that complete strangers, in a given community, in common purpose, introduced by a notwork of communication platforms, can arrive at significant change within said community
1 year ago
It is an idea that is so important and I cannot imagine anything less centralized, but I fear the author may not return in regard to the insurance issues Also with the farmers market is it peoples impression that said markets allow for an aggregation of growers at a single booth?
1 year ago
35 USC 271 (a) states:
Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention, within the United States or imports into the United States any patented invention during the term of the patent therefor, infringes the patent.

Making or using a patented invention (without selling) is still patent infringement.

I appreciate the comments, but your comment does not seem to follow from the quoted regulation Perhaps the point is roughly moot since we seem to agree that patent infringement is basically at the periphery of the issue
1 year ago
I could be wrong but I would infer the efficiencies in the system would be driven by a quicker production of feed stocks if you had a small group of experts working on it, as opposed to just purchasing quince feedstock, if I understand that correctly. Pretty much the same with the grafting aspect, a group of trained grafters seems likely to outpace each individual grower doing it them for themselves especially in terms of each home grafter needing to be trained and having all the necessary materials for the job Maybe I am wrong in those assumptions, or maybe it the case that each individual doing for themselves avoids the friction of transaction Either way it seems superior to all the money spent at local nurseries

I should add that the question of scale is likely pivotal If we are talking full on medium to large scale farms then having the individual farmer being responsible for root stock and scion production would seem to make a lot more sense that it does for suburban backyard producers
1 year ago
 The basic question is whether communities, especially suburban communities, have pretty much all the capability to produce most of their fruit trees from local production A decentralized approach would allow for a certain amount of folks producing root-stock varieties and then having those community members with the various hybrid scions being willing, or in some way incentivized, to contribute their pruned scions to a collaborate effort to graft them on to the community produced root-stocks This is likely illegal if anyone were actually try to sell anything due to patent rights in most case, but if said community maintained this production under the pretense of a time bank or something similar might they be exempt for patent infringement?
1 year ago
As I continue to my efforts to catalog a lot of general resources on food, health, and local economics I find links like this one listed in various google searches The google search was best permaculture books and I was happy to see this pop up about fourth or fifth on the results I thought folks might want to update some permie books that have come out in the 7 years since this post or others that ere not included I am no expert but I would think Toensmier's books should be on there
1 year ago
Stephen I really appreciate the input I am indeed a novice and need the advice of those who have been around more But I would like to bring Elaine Ingham's methods if I may From what I have seen there is a pretty good bottom line assumption that her processes seem like one of the best fundamental system of raising healthy soil system that is superior Maybe I am mistaken that the main amendment in her system is compost tea I have only watched one of the recent seminars so i may have this wrong There is the additional, and perhaps more critical issue, of being able to study the existing soils and then continue to monitor where the F and B ratios lie I am not sure if the nursery you spoke attempted something similar or whether they thought F and B ratios to be as fundamental as Elaine seems to suggest
1 year ago
Thanks Bryant I should have probably titled my post 'looking for cover crops resources" I am working on a site that tries to gather resources of various sorts and then list them by specific categories So from that perspective I am often looking for generalized resource materials as a big part of that So things like spread sheets that list cover crops with columns that give information about those crops in contexts like cold hardiness, soil, water needs etc would be the most excellent resource. Likely such a thing does not exist Short of that any kind of index or registry of crops would be great as well This older post had something along those lines, though the poster refers to 62 pages of the PDF which is reference and so far i have only found one spreadsheet that lists cover crops in terms of residue

Here is link from a previous thread here that looks good but no longer works apparently

Though I did find this at the SARE site

and here is the other link someone provided earlier

Thanks for the reply

1 year ago