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Recent posts by Benett Freeman

Thank you so much Jennifer.

Now it seems my last hurdle is the UK Customs.

Does anyone here have experience of importing soil inoculant from North America into the UK?

[EDIT: These are available on Amazon. Are they the same thing or are they in the wrong form for using in a slurry prior to planting seeds? ]
4 years ago
Thanks. I got some seeds of Amazon in the end. Hate to give them money but couldn't find another source.

I'm still stuck for soil inoculant though

Any ideas?
4 years ago
I really like the selection that grow has of cover crop seeds, plus lots of useful information to help a gardener make the right choice of seed.

However, they don't appear to ship internationally, and I've come up against a dead end when googling for UK suppliers of similar seeds.

Tamar Organics have some, but they don't have inoculants to go with it, and I would like to use the inoculant to increase the chances of success for my experiments.

Any help is much appreciated.

4 years ago
Surely the real question is not calories in vs. calories out, but 'are those calories out enough to support the people that do the neceesary labour to assist nature making those calories?'

From what I've been able to glean so far, it doesn't look like many people at all are growing close to all their food, and I think that's a shame, since it can blatantly be done.

Some people on another thread were saying that Mr. Salatin had become too distracted by his fame?
5 years ago