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Yep, that is my goal too. I started with a flock of all around really tough Katahdins (parasite/disease resistant, great mothers, great lambers, etc.) and bred them to a nice East Friesian last year (who was from great milking lines, but EF are not a "tough" breed by any standard- they have to be wormed, sheared, etc.) to try to get both bigger frames and more milkiness, while retaining the good aspects of the Katahdins.
This year I got 6 lambs- 2 of which have hair coats, 3 have wool coats and one has what looks like a dorper coat (her mom has some dorper in her). Time will tell which are parasite resistant, but I've got high hopes for the ram lamb that has hair. He's out of my best ewe and was a triplet.

Thanks for the help on pictures Kelly! Here are the triplets after they were born (Mr. hair coat is in the back) They are over a month old now, I need to go take a better picture...
And the second picture is my only lamb with color, Miss June. On the other side of her are her two black polka dots, about the size of a silver dollar.
Yes, sheep color genetics are so strange-- June's mother is solid white with some tiny black dots on her ears, and daddy was solid white... and she's brown and white! Meanwhile my solid brown ewe has only EVER had solid white lambs. Never any brown on them.
Kelly, If I could figure out how to get a sheep from Colorado to South Carolina I'd buy one of your flashy ones!
I had a few Katahdin/East Friesian lambs born about a month ago. Such cuties! They sure are fun. I'd post pictures if I could figure out how.
Cloud 9- what beautifully colored sheep you have! I'm jealous! Flashiest lamb I got this year was a brown and white with black polka dots. All the rest were solid white.

Will owner finance with 25% down. Email for more details. Thanks!
For my system, I have those fiberglass poles with movable insulators so that I can have one wire up high for horses and two or three wires down low for sheep. So, the same fencing "system" is used, but just adjusted to different heights according to what you are grazing. You almost have to do that when grazing something as big as a cow/horse and then grazing something like a sheep or pig after it. My horses are the easiest to fence in - one 3' or 4' high wire and they won't go near it. My sheep are the hardest to fence in- and sometimes have to be in the netting because they don't get zapped through all that wool.
Not sure what others do but this fencing is cheap and easy.
5 years ago
I've yet to see a natural fence a goat (or sheep) couldn't go through. They are nice and pretty but when you actually want to keep your animals in, 100% of the time, go with electric fencing. And you can move it everyday so your goats aren't yelling at you when you come out the door! Instead happily busy eating.
Premier fencing will always keep them in. Sometimes the one strand cheap stuff will, but if they are wooly they can go under the wire without getting shocked. But the netting will keep anything in (even crazy sheep that hurl themselves at it) www.premier1fencing.com
Another avenue you could try is doing a "pretty" natural fence and putting an electric fence on the inside, where you can't see it, if you want the best of both worlds.
FOR SALE: Permaculture Property and House, 3 acres in McGee, MO (in Southeast Missouri)
-completely off-grid solar small (384sf) post and beam house w/ kitchen/den, bedroom, bathroom and sleeping loft; well built using quality materials, tin roof.
-Solar system includes two 235w Grape Solar panels, Outback charge controller ($500) and three 100AH AGM batteries in parallel to form 300AH 12v battery bank. Also 2 other 50w panels on roof but currently disconnected. System powers lights, computer/satellite internet and other stuff including hot shower when sunny. Could easily be expanded to provide more capacity.
-“Grid” electricity at street should you want it – just need to pay power company to run line.
-Good AT&T cell reception (4G/LTE) with two towers several miles away
-3 acres right off a paved road with little traffic
-500 acres of woods surrounding the 3 acres
-currently 1-2 acres cleared and planted in fruit trees (asian pears, pears, apples, asian persimmons, kiwis, blueberries, currants, jujubes, etc.); numerous raised beds
-only one mile away from Mingo Wildlife Reserve- 20,000 acres of hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting , fishing, and about the best mushroom hunting grounds on the planet.
-Property is slightly sloping, water drains well
-Unfinished 4,000 gallon ferrocement cistern as water – connected to gutters on main cabin; just needs pool liner ($100?) and filtering system and to be hooked up to house plumbing; or could drill well
-House is fully plumbed and has small water heater with DC heating element; full size shower and tub
-Nice wood stove for heating/cooking, also propane heat and stove
-Unfinished greenhouse and root cellar and a cob chicken house and a goat house also on property.
-absolutely NO building codes or restrictions, build whatever you want!
-very friendly neighbors
-very rural, but one hour away from Cape Girardeau, a college town on the Mississippi River, and minutes away from Lake Wappapello, a huge lake with fabulous fishing.
-wonderful for hunting, deer and turkey are everywhere
-super low property taxes ($20/year)

Current price is $35,000 cash but price will go up as more improvements are made. Email barnwellart@gmail.com for more info.
Linda- I've got a small off grid/solar cabin on 3 acres in the Ozarks for 40k. No where near the size house you are looking for but hey, that's what add-ons are for! Outbuildings, barn, cistern, and fruit trees galore. And no where near a big city!!!
I know it's not quite the area you are looking for but you're gonna be really hard pressed to find what you are looking for in that area for that price.
Email me at barnwellart@gmail.com for more info.
5 years ago
Couldn't figure out how to edit the original post-
But, I'm including a tiny house on wheels (6.5' x 14') with the property. Figured it would be easier for someone to be able to live there while building.
Email me for pics of that too.
Thanks Burra! I absolutley love this property- it's about as pretty as it gets! But I need a little more acreage for all my animals