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I do appreciate the replies .Allen I checked Alibris they did not have one they did have some by other aurthurs but they were in the 110.00 and more price range
I will most likely getthe book before I build but just wanted some assurance before spending money I don't have on something that may have been a novelty
The only other question I have is I see a lot of the stoves have the material being fed in a horizontal position insted of vertical/down position
is there any advantage or disadvantage to which is best or is this and related to the whys ofone over the other in the book as well
6 years ago
looking for land in Texas can be a chore for sure. You can go to the court house of any county and property that is being foreclosed on or being sold for taxes will be posted there.
You can also search Texas Land Vetrans for land,you do not have to be a Vetern to purchase any that is repoed .If you are a Veteran from any state and live in Texas for 5 years you can apply for a Texas land Veteran Loan, and or pick up the loan from any land repoed .This is different than a VA loan
There are some lands around. What you have to really watch for is land being in a flood plain, land that has been used as a dump and even land that has a high crime rate around it
I have a piece of property that is right in the middle of a crime area .It is 11 acres and someone has to stay there 24 hours a day. Drive around in the area and you would never suspect any thing more than what a great peaceful wooded country it is.
Something else if you purchase land make sure you use your own real estate attorney do not use the realtors or the sellers. Their attorney is obligated to them not you
Lots of property owners will cut land up into 1 5 10 20 acre lots and sell them. The sneaky part is they put a clause that there is no clear deed until all tracts are sold and paid off
If the owner has borrowed a lot of money on the land and then defaults on it your in trouble. The person holding that note takes position of all property even if yours is paid for.
Before buying property in Texas do a lot of checking. Texas also has Adverse Possession laws . A man can sell you a piece of property and you not know someone else has possession of it
You can't take it from him he has to be willing to give it up. This is dependent upon the user not using it or possessing by illegal means
Just be careful
I know long winded sorry
6 years ago
Hello everyone. My name is Chaz,but everyone calls me Doc. I carry the nickname proudly because a group of men tagged me with it that I hold in high esteem
Have been married to the same lovely woman for 44 nearly 45 years and we have four great sons and daughter-in-laws .We are very fortunate
We are not quite into being self sufficent as some of you are but do enjoy country living and enjoy seeing a lot of you either are or close to it.
I love being on here and reading what allof you have done and the ideas that are shared
I have lost the desire to killl our own meat and health will no longer let me garden but I support all of your efforts to do so
I do still fish some and we do a lot of traveling around to different places in a small convertiable we love to see the countryside.
May all of you continue to enjoy your lifestyle and reap many happy returns
6 years ago
Doug sent you a priv message did not want to take up board space
6 years ago
You may find a retired game warden that can give you pointers on your pond,My first thougts would be to see how deep it is and how clean or dirty it may be. You may want to dosome digging and cleaning before stocking . A managed pond is very important
I would start with a small pen or coop in the barn for the chickens. You need find oit what varmints you will be dealing with beofre letting them run wild
You could start asmall garden as the first thing to do it is cheap and cost very little to start and maintain. Maybe put it close to the pond and water the garden from it
6 years ago
not sure what you do with them once captured. Have you thought of making a life trap as you catch one give it to someone,to the police or whoever takes strays . You could take it off somewhere and release it. As you catch one do soemthing with it ,this will at least break up the clan.
As to an electric fence talk to the owner and maybe only turn it on when you know the dogs are in the area
You do want to be careful approaching them the pack could turn on you without warning
6 years ago
go to warehouses as well . Any place you might ask for cardboard or what some call slip sheets.That is what a lot of people call the flat pieces of cardboard between the product on a pallet. You can check recycler places as well.
If it gets wet at all or damp they will not rip it up ,it is just thrown away
6 years ago

allen lumley wrote: Did you read that comment, would you consider re-posting ! My comment followed a string of p.m.(s) to keep that ! intact, I had a bet on how soon - I am Sorry if my posting had 'tude ! Everything you said was true, I was not suggesting cutting into the tank, but a much safer practice that still has dangers, these pages come with an Automatic Cavate Emptor Allen l.

No, I will not consider reposting I am not sure why I would . I offered an apology only as a gesture it was not because I thought you were up set nor did I really care.
Being new to this site and the forum I did not want to ruffle any feathers
It appears that if someone comes along you must make a comment hoping that person would post so you can make some sort of snide or rude remark
You them want to push that person so either they will leave,be banned or you completely turn the subject into a arguement.
I was using the saying an apology is a sign of weakness for more years than I care to remember and your post bears that out
If you did not want this to turn the way it has it would have been simple to say hey you ran on my post would you repost at the bottom thanks
You didn't you want to pick pick pick
6 years ago

allen lumley wrote:Dj : I knew someone would post below my comment soon enuf - with an angle grinder and your tank full you can remove the outside weld and pop an end cap off, cutting a round hole in the end - well I have not got a handle on that yet ! Allen L.

Allen If you are aiming this comment at me,I only question why ? If not at me I apologise for taking it that way,I was not trying to discredit you in any way
I have a neighbor that cut tanks and drums for a long time. One day he did the same thing he always did with a drum filled full of water as he came over the top of the drum with a torch it blew up
Removing his legs. Just below the waist
I have an uncle that spent years doing it as well he was fortunate a propane tank exploded blowing the ends off of it . He was just battered and bruised. Together I would say these guys probably did 50 to 75 propane tanks and drums if not more .
You can cut a 100 of these things and it only takes one to get you
The factors people leave out is what else has that propane tank or drum had in it that you do not know about. It could have conatined any kind of a chemical or poison
My dad used a propane tank for years as a air tank, it started leaking air. He then decided to use it to hold what is called malathion.
Even if it does not blow up you have no idea what fumes you could be inhaling.

6 years ago