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Well, I'm not single anymore. Keep looking for your weirdo! Shine that light until you see someone shine back. It's hard when you live isolated and away, so seize every opportunity to be social. Have a shit ton of fun in the process of turning over every rock. Use your single time to think about the qualities you possess,  your values, the things you bring to the table. Maybe befriend someone who is happy and productive and single and accept that possibility for yourself. Look beyond physical attraction. Be prepared to accept someone they are. If it's not right, don't fool yourself into thinking it is. Get some good friends who love and accept you and take some of the pressure off.
My wish for you (and everyone) is to find contentment in every situation.
3 years ago

so, i'm a hippy farm girl, 30 years old, no kids, full figured, curly hair. i live on the north side of the ozarks, an hour west of st louis on 20 acres. this is my 4th year here, my 5th year farming. before that i worked in the restaurant business, went to culinary school, moved around a bit.

for money i grow vegetables for local restaurants and my csa, make art and sew, raise chickens and goats, do canning workshops, etc. for life i make music, see live music, camp, cook, laugh. i've been building a network of people who think, and care, and want to co-operate here. it already kind of existed, but tapping in has taken time.

i'm independent, curious, sensitive, focused. i'm working on patience, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, balance.
i want to love and be loved. i want a family. i want to laugh. i want to learn and see new things. i want to grow the farm into an orchard and creativity co-op and enjoy my life. i need conversation, contact, closeness.

i don't really know how to meet a man who is interested in a sustainable farming lifestyle, not to mention all the other variables that rule attraction and compatibility.
i'm ready to build some stuff, and grow some life, and move some mountains. i mean, i've been doing it but, it would be better for me to know who i was doing it for.

so, this is me putting it out there.

5 years ago
I am starting the Franklin County Time exchange here in suburban/rural missouri. I think there is a real need for services and connections and i think that alot of people are going without because there is not enough cash to go around.
I am so tired of monetizing everything. I've been growing veggies here for 3 years and hate that people can't afford to buy them. I have been trying to build a community here, and have had some success, but it has to go beyond people who share my politics (i'm in the minority 20%).
I'd love to add in tool sharing and maybe a trading post.
does anyone have any experience with a network like this? i know there are informal arrangements among people who know each other, but it's so hard to meet people these days... your thoughts?
6 years ago

Emily Brown wrote:You could also try to recreate the portable rocket mass heater:

that is a great video! i hadn't seen it yet.
we might be able to bolt something like that in. saved!
8 years ago
my mom and i are currently working on a plan for the buckminster fuller prize: a school bus conversion into a sustainable living education center.

we'd like to include a functional rock mass heater. how does cob hold up to vibration? what kind of material alternatives are out there?
8 years ago