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Wow, wish I had this problem. I love oranges but can never afford it, haven't even had one in 2o12.
Can you try preserving the oranges instead of selling them now? Don't let anything go to waste. Do various things so even if you don't manage to sell them, they'll be of good use to you and your family and friends. But I think given all the varied things you can do, people will be curious and they'll buy it.
A lot of these things last almost a year stored in the fridge or a cool room (north facing mudroom?). So it's not an issue if they don't sell immediately, keep trying. Have friends and family bring some of these to work to sell to co-workers. Put a label or just some tape on the jar's lid with your name, phone number and email. Print usage suggestions to get people's mouth watering.

* Candied ginger peel
So many uses!

* Lacto-fermented marmalade
Can be used not just to spread on bread, but to stir in yogurt, make cupcake frosting, pies. I would make a blackberry pie with a little marmalade.

* Speaking of pie:
Orange curd tarts, and if you put "orange curd recipes" in Google image search, you'll get lots of ideas. Oh no, now I really want that blackberry and orange marmalade pie with a little orange curd! You're killing me here!
* Orange rum cake and cupcakes?

* Preserved vegetables like: Lacto fermented orange-ginger carrots, or red cabbage and orange, which can be served as a side with meals

* Drinks:
http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2012/01/52-weeks-of-bad-a-bacteria-week-2-orangina-lacto-fermented-orange-juice/ (scroll down)
Make a very concentrated juice concentrate to freeze, then you can use to dilute with water and drink or use in recipes throughout the year.

* Salad dressing

I don't recommend canning, canning destroys nutrients. Lacto fermenting will increase nutrients and last just as long if not longer. Plus I bet every orange farmer and their cousin already can their oranges. You'll provide something different which will make people curious.

Ask a locally owned health food store if they have a room you can use two days per month for a couple of hours, put a flyer on the window and around town. Have a table and give out samples, show people how to use the different products you've made.

Hope some of this helps.
7 years ago
You might be interested in checking out "Goat Husbandry" at your public library and reading Chapter 15, "Cropping for goats". I've been reading the book excitedly all week, it's chock-full of information.

You'll have to read it for all the details, but here's some ideas:
Though I don't support the feeding of grain to goats... Corn, kale, oats, barley, buckwheat, ryegrass, radishes, beets, and swedes (rutabagas)

Here's more: http://fiascofarm.com/goats/feeding.htm
Of particular interest the "Pasture" section.

A relevant thread: https://permies.com/t/6769/goats/Goat-Nutrition-Management#60137