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Jonathan Humphries wrote:Does anyone happen to know if he accepts the gi bill?

I think not, still. Unless something changed.

If your a Veteran just file via the Certificate payback program instead of having the school or program hassle with the paperwork of becoming certified to accept GI Bill stuff....

As of right now though there are not any Permaculture courses allowed in the GI programs.

Hope this helps you out.
4 years ago
Southern Marion County (Southside Indianapolis)
5 years ago

I have bought 10 packages from this Amazon source with great success. 95% Germination rate thus far. 5 packages sowed so far.
5 years ago
Shoot yeah I am in too..... I have been looking for a great reason to score the binding on this set for a year....

Lets do this i'm excited!!!
5 years ago

Jennifer Wadsworth wrote:

Charles Tarnard wrote:I'm gonna mooch off of you guys for another year before I take the plunge on mine . I hope to have some land by then. There's a lot of excitement in this thread, it's fun to read.

Mooching is what permies is here for! If we didn't mooch of each other and trade our insights, we'd all be reinventing the wheel with each new project. And that would be tiresome - just sayin'!

And I just wanted to say that your post above made me smile - the excitement is contagious.

Well someone please take good notes and allow Charles and I to mooch properly....
All this excitement, wish I knew someone going through it so I could borrow the DVDs and at least watch those until next year when i can afford to get into the class..... Looks fun enjoy the class folks....
I love seeing everyones excitement...... Next year it will be me that is so excited.....

Jennifer Wadsworth wrote:

Darrell Clevenger wrote:I was not able to wrangle up the cost for the whole course this year, but I am waiting until next year at least.

Darrell - last year Geoff offered a payment plan for those who could not come up with the whole fee at once. I know it's a stretch for some of us (I live on disability due to being mostly blind and have no other support). If you can make it happen somehow, it is well worth it. Bonus, if you want to watch it with your partner/children/others you are free to do so - however, only the person paying will get the certificate. I know a lot of families who watched together and really got the ball rolling on their own projects.


Good advice Jen,

Just not in my cards this year, no biggy.... I will have it all by next year no problem.... That is why I was kind of hoping for an option to just purchase the DVDs and watch and learn, then get my certificate later when the course comes back around.

I wish we could get ahold of the DVDs alone. I was not able to wrangle up the cost for the whole course this year, but I am waiting until next year at least.

Just wish there was a way to get ahold of the videos or DVDs from the course to at least get the knowledge and start my project outside.

GOOD LUCK to all and have fun in the course.......

Semper Fi!!!

Retired (Multi Branch)