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Recent posts by Weston Lombard

Spring Permaculture Design Certificate Course http://www.solidgroundfarm.com/permaculture-design/spring-pdc/
Weekends March 16-May 4, 2014
Contact westonlombard@gmail.com for more info.

Finally, the best education you never had. Designed by practitioners for practitioners, each weekend involves hands-on learning, visits to various example sites, and multiple expert regional presenters. Learn to design, implement, and manage the backyard, homestead, small farm, and lifestyle of your dreams, as we explore the intricacy and interconnection of the natural world.

In addition to an in-depth exploration of various topics, each weekend course ties the material to permaculture practice and theory as we explore the standard 72-hour PDC material. Enroll in the individual courses you like or take the whole series to earn your Permaculture Design Certificate from Solid Ground Farm.

March 15 and 16, 2014
Learn the ethical and theoretical basis of permaculture. Explore the principles and practices that lead to an integrated, low-maintenance, regenerative homestead and lifestyle, as we explore the patterns that connect us all. Teachers TBA

March 22 and 23, 2014
Observing and familiarizing ourselves with native ecosystems and plant communities, we learn to use nature as a model for designing our own “forests”, creating integrated systems that produce year-round supplies of food, animal forage, fuel, fiber, and medicinals. Led by Weston Lombard and Kurt Belser with guest presenters Pete Woyar and Dr. Frank Porter.

April 5 and 6, 2014
The foundation of prosperity is rich, fertile soil. Join us as we explore strategies to nourish and perpetually improve a living soil. Topics covered include the soil food web, desertification, vermiculture, thermophilic compost, cover crops, mulch, bio-char, and compost teas. Led by Marilyn McHugh and Chris Kennedy of the Hummingbird Project and Kathy Jacobson of the Broadwell Hill Learning Center.

April 12 and 13, 2014
Learn the important roles that animals play in a sustainable agriculture system. Visit traditional and not so traditional farms to learn everything livestock from housing options and animal “tractors”, to foraging and nutrient cycling, rotational grazing, and integration with a permaculture system. With expert help, design the livestock system that suites your needs. Led by Sasha Sigetic from Integration Acres. Includes site visits and special guests JB and Charlene King of King Family Farm, Neil Perin of Arcadian Acres, Blackhaven Farm, and more.

April 26 and 27, 2014
Join us for a tour of the owner built natural homes of Athens, Ohio as we experience firsthand the range of local materials and endless ingenuity of the area. Through numerous site visits and the building of a wood fired cob oven, we will learn the basics of small home design.

Led by Weston Lombard of SGF and Chris Fox of Fox Natural Construction, includes visits to natural builders homes and discussion with Wes Thompson, Piper Avolokita, and more.

May 3 and 4, 2014

This weekend we tie it all together with a big picture look at permaculture in action. Beginning with a panel discussion of “strategies for an alternative nation” we learn to apply permacuture in our own lives and communities. With our toolboxes now complete we will apply our considerable knowledge to designing functional permaculture systems integrating all aspects of permacultre design. Assisted by local practitioners and designers final projects will be completed and presented to the public. (This weekend is only available to those taking the full course).
5 years ago
I have a five year old forest garden at my hillside farm in Athens, Ohio. You can see some pictures at http://www.solidgroundfarm.com/the-grounds/, but most of my pics are on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TransitionToOffGrid?ref=ts&fref=ts. I love giving tours if you are ever in the region. We also do a forest garden weekend workshop in the Spring. This year it is March 22-23 http://www.solidgroundfarm.com/permaculture-design/spring-pdc/.

Happy gardening.
5 years ago
After a great Permaculture design course last year, we are doing another PDC in Athens, Ohio during the Spring of 2014. Check it out at http://www.solidgroundfarm.com/permaculture-design/spring-pdc/
5 years ago
We are hosting a weekend PDC series designed to provide more in-depth and more hands-on knowledge on all aspect of sustainable living. Each weekend course is organized by practicing local permaculture enthusiasts and includes regional expert presenters, site visits, and interactive projects. Participants will learn practical skills for applying permaculture design to the Appalachian region from those currently working in the field. Camp on the farm for the full experience as we learn the native ecology and build the local community.

Classes and Dates: Theory and Principles of Permaculture: March 16-17, Building Fertility: March 23-24, Forest Garden Design: April 6-7, Natural Building Basics: April 13-14, Aquaculture and Water: April 20-21, Integrative Livestock Management: April 27-28, Closed Loop Systems: May 4-5.

Time: Saturdays 11am-7pm, Sundays 8am-3pm

Location: Solid Ground Farm 13262 Liars Corner Rd, Millfield, OH 45761

Facilitators/Instructors: Rebecca Wood, Doug Crouch, Weston Lombard, Kathy Jacobson, Kurt Belser, Sasha Sigetic, Mark Cohen, and more.
Guest lecturers and presenters: Pete Waryar, Hank Huggins, R.E. Hogan, Kevin Polk, Piper Avolokita, and more.

Cost: $700-900 for full course or $150 per individual weekend course

Website: www.solidgroundfarm.com

Contact: Weston Lombard 740-856-6299 or westonlombard@gmail.com

"Like" Solid Ground Farm on Facebook to stay up to date on course developments.

6 years ago