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Evan DiBona wrote:Hey there Mikael!
The answer is both yes and no. I'm in an odd situation because what began as a work-for-rent situation, I'm trying to pivot to a land lease.  

Unfortunately things are progressing slowly with the land owner. Making the terms of a rental/lease is an uphill battle. So in my spare time I've been hitting up craigslist and asking the odd person around town.

I appreciate your post though, perhaps in the coming months we could stay in touch. I'm sure there are some great spots tucked in here, it's just a process finding them and getting land owners comfortable with the idea.

Just saw this and am inspired to ask if Florida, Mass is of any interest? If so, my brother has a nice little parcel for sale.
2 months ago
I'm interested!   I have 25+ years of farm living under my belt, and am looking for something a bit more cooperative these days. I have farm design and system experience, not much hands on with crops or gardening however.

As for income streams, I have a couple, and given the right property would love to implement some ideas i've been working out.
I look forward to learning more!
Hey hi, I'm a semi retired farm owner with lots of project and management experience.  I hope to find a small farm property in south east Mi myself, to be near my adult kids and from which I can explore the midwest.
I'd love to share with like minded folks.  I am better with critters than crops.

I am not yet a teacher, but especially like the focus of this experience. I do have a Geoff Lawton certificate and 20+ years of research and practical farm experience, and there's time to do some more studying before May.
Before I get too excited I want to do my due diligence, so I guess I want to know if these folks are ones you'd want to learn from.
3 years ago
Question---is your place suitable for poly families with members who work off site--specifically are you located within a do-able commute to Boston?
3 years ago
I found this  

and would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on it--it sure appeals to me and I want to be sure it is legit and worth the time and money etc etc.

And if it looks great who wants to join me!?

3 years ago
Found this on Craigslist this am and thought someone here may be interested.
4 years ago
I believe there are a few townships in Vermont which do not yet have strict zoning laws.
Fletcher comes to mind, but I admit its been years and times may have changed things.
4 years ago
We are about to go to contract on our new farmette, and it has many great features, and a feature which maybe isn't so great.

The five acre meadow faces east and south and would make a lovely spot for the vegetable gardens.
But in the northwest corner is the septic mound system, which lies above the lovely garden spot, and thus seemingly drains directly into that lovely meadow.

I don't know enough about mound systems to know if that is safe or not to plant food near, what would boundaries be for that?

What say you about growing food under a mound system?
4 years ago
My gut flora was wiped out after chemo and subsequent h pylori treatment, which called for almost a year of heavy duty antibiotics.
My digestion was in very bad shape, I was bloated so badly I could barely walk some days. The constant nausea, belching and heartburn was so severe I mostly couldn't leave my home for months at a time. I had diarrhea for hours and hours every morning, every day of the week.
This went on for almost a year with every darn doctor suggesting more antibiotics and steroids on top of those. I refused and went looking for nutritional solutions.

One day at a Nourishing Foods Conference I was offered an ounce of raw cow's milk. Within four hours I had the first normal bm in two years, and within 4 days my constantly stuffed and swollen sinuses drained totally--I was on to something for sure!

I now drink a quart a week of raw milk and my bloating is gone, my stamina is returning and I am no longer belchy and heartburny all day every day.
My gut is better, my health is returning, and my constant low level ear ache is almost entirely resolved.

Raw milk was/is a lifesaver imho.

4 years ago