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Recent posts by susan vita

Me.   I turned an '06 Keifer 2+1 gooseneck into a 2 plus living quarters for myself.  It's not as heavy as my 34' fifth wheel, until i add ponies
lol. I can haul two smaller equines still, and kept the side ramp for emergency exits.

There's a solar panel for led lights, an rv propane two burner cooktop, rv fridge, and a cedar loo.  I have an ac and propane buddy, and a cowboy shower. Also added two fantastic fans, one over the horse space for their comfort while driving, the other is at the end of the bed in the gooseneck. They pull air in or out, which is really helpful. I used a combo of new and used parts and furniture.

One can sleep in the goose, or in the box stall. It actually can sleep 4 in a pinch, though it'd be crowded. Both ramps can become mosquito draped decks, which is maybe my favorite feature.

Here in New England, horse trailers w lq are highly sought after and $$$$. It's one of the reasons I chose to build one out. That and I have specific features I wanted, etc.

I added insulation everywhere but the horse space, btw, and it's darn comfy in there.  Add ponies and the cat and it can be very toasty!
3 days ago
I am thinking of spending this coming winter and checking it out.
I saw this in the woods today, and it's still bugging me. I was on private land (w/ permission) in someone's back acreage, maybe 300ft from the road. It is a 1/4 acre or so, kind of a big barren patch in the middle of deep woods.

The soil is kind of grey, feels like very soft sand, not silt, but almost that feel.  I can't tell if it's naturally occurring, or someone dumped something or it's a space ship landing pad.  

White pine, apple, maple, and ferns grow all around it, there appears to be a little wetlands area above it, and a small spring fed pond which apparently is similar to quick sand, Yikes!

There are a few large boulders and stone walls.  The area has a few plants, but is mostly pretty barren looking, what's there reminds me of lichen.  

I'm going back to scoop some for the extension folks at UVM.  But in the meantime I'm so darn curious!

Thanks for reading.

Located in Chester, Vermont for the soil sleuths out there.
11 months ago

Evan DiBona wrote:Hey there Mikael!
The answer is both yes and no. I'm in an odd situation because what began as a work-for-rent situation, I'm trying to pivot to a land lease.  

Unfortunately things are progressing slowly with the land owner. Making the terms of a rental/lease is an uphill battle. So in my spare time I've been hitting up craigslist and asking the odd person around town.

I appreciate your post though, perhaps in the coming months we could stay in touch. I'm sure there are some great spots tucked in here, it's just a process finding them and getting land owners comfortable with the idea.

Just saw this and am inspired to ask if Florida, Mass is of any interest? If so, my brother has a nice little parcel for sale.
1 year ago
I'm interested!   I have 25+ years of farm living under my belt, and am looking for something a bit more cooperative these days. I have farm design and system experience, not much hands on with crops or gardening however.

As for income streams, I have a couple, and given the right property would love to implement some ideas i've been working out.
I look forward to learning more!
2 years ago
Hey hi, I'm a semi retired farm owner with lots of project and management experience.  I hope to find a small farm property in south east Mi myself, to be near my adult kids and from which I can explore the midwest.
I'd love to share with like minded folks.  I am better with critters than crops.

2 years ago

I am not yet a teacher, but especially like the focus of this experience. I do have a Geoff Lawton certificate and 20+ years of research and practical farm experience, and there's time to do some more studying before May.
Before I get too excited I want to do my due diligence, so I guess I want to know if these folks are ones you'd want to learn from.
4 years ago
Question---is your place suitable for poly families with members who work off site--specifically are you located within a do-able commute to Boston?
4 years ago
I found this  

and would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on it--it sure appeals to me and I want to be sure it is legit and worth the time and money etc etc.

And if it looks great who wants to join me!?

4 years ago
Found this on Craigslist this am and thought someone here may be interested.
5 years ago