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After researching popular online on demand services, I ended up working with a local (Spokane) small press, Gray Dog Press to print my annual guidebook. Owner Russ sat with me for an hour discussing my book in detail. He made me feel like I was his only customer in the world. I did the layout in an old version of Pagemaker, and cover art in Photoshop, and saved it all as a pdfs. He handles printing and distribution, including Amazon and regional book sellers, payment now is via PayPal. I also presell about 250 books at a discount to vendors I cultivated on my own and can re-order for them on demand. Money wise, my printing cost has gone up a little as the page size increased annually. Generally, I pay about $3 per book. (B&w inside. Color cover). They retail for $9.95. Presales are $5.50. Regular wholesale is $6 ea. I also sell some to people at full retail. For my other book, an ebook, I use Smashwords, which has worked fine.
11 months ago
Two of us are hoping to come for a few days end of May. Sorry, I don't know exact date because May is for shrooming, so will be going with the fungi flow.
11 months ago
I have seen the 50 gallon drums filled with poop set aside to compost for a couple of years. I would like a blow by blow description of the scenario when the lids are removed. Thanks much.
11 months ago
The cabin looks great! Congrats on all the progress.
2 years ago
In my experience, freeze drying works to a point in E. WA. The clothes dry to an amazing degree in the freezing cold outside. Then, I have brought them in, waited for them to unstiffen, and draped them around the house to finish up.
2 years ago
I am taking the course; am two days into it. Andrew Millison's presentation is excellent. I have observed two PDCs, and his info and approach is the best I have seen. Somewhere it said 13,000 people have signed up for this course. I don't know if they mean over all time, or just for this session. But reading through the introductions in the forum, it is so heartening to be in touch with people all over the world who truly care about creating regenerative lifestyles. The course outline says to expect to spend about four hours a week on this program. There is no way I can follow and read all the links in four hours. The first night I started at 6:30 pm and was still up at 9:30 am following rabbit trails. I am not at all impressed with the delivery system (Canvas). I find it clunky and glitchy, which further adds to the supposed four hours a week.
2 years ago
Here are some memories from my time at permies, five of which were on my bucket list.

Cook in a haybox
Experience a solar-heated shower
Learn waterless sanitation management
Practice low water living
Make cob
Butcher a rabbit
Take a permaculture design course
Go on a huckleberry hunt
Insulate with wool
Make silver solution/colloidal silver
Write a song


Build a peckerwood fence (I forget Paul's official name for these)
Make and throw an Atlatl
Build a Yurt
Butcher a pig
Butcher a chicken
Build a root cellar
Build an ice house
Build with rock
Learn pleaching (living fence)
Plant trees
Make baskets
Weave cattails
How to live without creating garbage
Learn appropriate technologies
Learn alternative building options
Bushcraft 101
Brain-tan a hide
Solar greenhouse building & management
Nature photography
How to create a successful Kickstarter
How to fell a tree
Debark a log
Milk a goat
Animal husbandry
Natural remedies
Energy healing
Identify animal tracks
Make a Dakota fire hole
Make apple cider vinegar
Make citrus enzyme cleanser
Rainwater harvesting
Make a sun dial
Wilderness survival
Natural dying with plants
Weaving with a drop spindle
Community communication skill building
Do yoga
Seed saving
Sustainable prepping
Biogas energy systems
Build a cistern
Make a hammock
Build a solar panel
Build a windmill
Grey water management
Make a solar still
Make yogurt
Basic bicycle mechanics
Make instruments from found materials
Nature drawing

(Sorry these are not in any kind of order. Just brainstorming -- gotta run)

2 years ago
Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. (I'll take the freeze over the fire )
3 years ago
KHQ News reported today that trees damaged by recent wind storms are going to be more susceptible to infestations of some bark beetles next spring. Forest health officials at the Idaho Department of Lands recommend removing damaged trees and burning, chipping or removing branches from the property. It got me wondering if burying beetle infested wood in a huglebed will kill the beetles. I've googled around for a few hours and not found anything. Does anybody have information about that? (I did see a report that chipping is not necessarily a good idea).
3 years ago
Hi there. I have a marketing firm called South Lake Promotions, where I help rural micro businesses in the Inland NW. This is a long answer, but bear with me. The answer to your actual question is at the bottom because there are some things that need attention before you post an ad, imo.

What you need right now, considering your goal, is a kamakazee marketing campaign. (Good luck finding talent willing to drop everything and do this for you). Maybe you can do it all in house.

First, get started on an effective Landing Page with convincing copy and a convenient Buy-it-Now link right up top.

Any marketer worth their salt will say your carefully nurtured mailing list is your most promising asset. Send out a Holiday greeting/special offer to everyone on your mailing list, like buy a pack at regular price and include second at a discount. Offer free shipping. (Use some of your advertising budget to defer these costs).

Include a link to your thoughtful and convincing Landing Page that makes it super easy to buy. Don't force your potential customers to scroll down and hunt for the button, as is the case on your merchandise page. Put the button right next to the picture of the cards.

On your email, landing page, and any other copy you create, make the content about the BUYER not the seller.

For example, look at that rambling explanation on the merchandise page of how the cards came about. Move it down the page. The prime real estate ("above the fold") provides about two seconds to grab people's attention by telling them what the cards can do for THEM. What do the cards do for them?


Effective ad copy takes time to develop and test -- and time is what you don't have since you want to sell a lot of cards by Christmas. So, I suggest you put out a forum post that asks people -- What would you say if you had two seconds to tell the world why permaculture is crucial? You might also ask for an image or meme that can powerfully convey this message. Facebook is a good venue for this kind of stuff.

Whatever you come up with, use this consistently as the header for the materials in your campaign.

Scramble your forces and get a 1.5 minute or less video together of people -- including kids -- having a blast during Christmas playing with the cards. Maybe you can get some plotkateers who already have their cards and their Xmas decorations up to submit the visuals for you. Audio should include your REASON why people need the cards. Tag the video well with SEO keywords.

Post it on Youtube, vine, and Facebook video. Connect it on Pinterest, Instagram. Open with your REASON. Link video to your landing page.

After deciding what advertisers you want to use, design a compelling banner ad according to their specs that links to your landing page.

Now, finally, here is an answer to your question. This answer is based on a quick web search. The resources have not been vetted by me. They are a starting point for you to call reps and get more info.
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