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Check out this nursery for cold tolerant stock

Best wishes acheiving your goals
1 year ago
I have had terrible results with most of the seedlings I've got from the Arbor Day Foundation. The exception to this was when I placed a bulk order for hybrid hazelnuts . I have never purchased any fruit trees from them so I can't specifically comment on the quality of their fruit trees.

I would like to suggest an Amish nursery that I have ordered from yearly (for an number of years) and have always had great results. They have no need to call or write to request a catalog. Trees are low priced.

Schlabach's Nursery
2784 Murdock Rd, Medina NY 14103
phone: (585) 798-6198 (best time to call is AM)
Toll-free voice mail for catalog requests only: 1-866-600-5203.

David Schlabach has written a book which I think is a jewel and is largely unknown. It's availble through his nursery and I also found it on line here:

Easy to undrstand and full of common sense.

3 years ago
Hi Kirk

Try contacting Norman at Paradise Milling 315-696-8388. He has a mill and is a great source of rough cut lumber for out buildings. I have purchased hemlock from him in the past. He may be able to point you in the right direction.

For hops try

Good Luck
I've not had much trouble with deer browse. They will nip at the buds until they realize they aren't a prefered browse so damage can occur.
I've had a lot of trouble with buck rubs. They seem to prefer heartnut trees over other trees I have for rubbing. They have torn up ever some larger trees I have.
I'm not sure that in a zone 4 you'll have much luck with them producing nuts.
If they do produce nuts they may not be similar in taste/shape or crackabily as the nut they came from.
They don't send down a deep tap root but the roots spread out in a star shape fairly close to the surface.

Good luck with your plantings
4 years ago