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I'm interested in planting so hazelnuts in our redwood forest. Would they do well as understory bushes?
6 years ago
Eighteen days of no feed bill! You're a genius. jk... I know how frustrating that is. So, are they all going to slaughter or just the ring leader? P.S. they look like nice stock.
I don't know what climate you live in or what type of goats you have (meat or dairy), but do you NEED a goat barn? I live in a very mild climate, rarely under 30F or over 85F. They live outdoors most of the time. I have places for them to get out of the rain that have dry bedding and keep their minerals dry. I keep Kikos.
If I were to build a goat barn, I'd leave it open and put up pens as needed.
It's toxic and shades out other plants.
Does anyone have any ideas for removing bracken fern from goat pastures?
Hopefully everyone is up and running around by now. If the little one hasn't been accepted by now, you'll have to bottle feed. Feed 4 times a day and put him back with the others in between so that the kid learns to be a goat. After 3 days go to three times a day. At two weeks go to twice a day and wean at 8 weeks.
Hows it going Justus? Hope things have gotten better.
Watch first. Many goats are capable of raising triplets. I have used Land o Lakes replacer, Kid Lac and a homemade formula (1 12 oz can of evaporated milk (not condensed) + 1 gallon of whole milk). If you have too, I had the best luck with the homemade formula.
I have Kikos and electric fence without any issues. Pick the breed that fits your need best.
I have mostly forest in a moderate climate - rarely over 85F rarely under 30F with 40 to60 inches of rain (usually, this is a drought year $%@&#$^%@*!) It's important to rotate but realize that the brush and trees may take a year to rebound completely whereas the grasses and forbs will rebound much faster. Here I plant a perennial rye and sub clover mix. If I lived in a warmer area I would plant AU Grazer, a grazing-tolerant sericea lespedeza in a mix.