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Angelika Maier

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since Jan 16, 2013
I love gardening, grow a lot of food herbs and fruit. I have chicken and ducks and run a small plant nursery - how blessed am I!
cool climate, Blue Mountains, Australia
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Probably not all sewerage sludge is toxic. I would simply ask for the analysis, I'm pretty sure they are doing it because they want to get rid of the sludge. incineration of the sludge is not very enivro friendly either. It depends if the sludge constains industrial waste or not.
4 months ago
Other than common believe sheep are not dumb, they can actually be quite smart when it comes to plants. They do only eat toxic plants when there's nothing else. Other animals too. They live in the wild and there are plenty of toxic plants!
4 months ago
Thanks for the replies! Yes, it doesn't seem to be too difficult. The plan is to start with apples and European plums.
I'll buy some dwarfing root stocks (because of the birds and possums), graft most of them and put some aside to grow more, either in pots or in the ground, both shown at youtube.
I think stone fruit and citrus is more difficult as well as it's done in summer when you're busy anyway.
If I graft Apples and plums in late winter, say end of August and we won't get colder than one or two below freezing could I put the trees outside right away? Maybe with an old curtain at night or under a tree??
4 months ago
Most definitively true! If you like driving a truck or can pay a wage.
4 months ago
you only have to look who owns these companies and who puts money in.
I never grafted any fruit tree, but I read a lot of stuff and watched videos.
My situation is the following: I don't need anymore fruit trees for myself, but I sell rare herb plants mainly at a local shop. There are other growers in the shop but no one of them does grafting and I searched for someone who would sell them some trees but I did not find anyone.  So long story short: should I myself then do this? Note: I've never grafted.
1. I would have to buy dwarf rootstocks because we need to net all fruit trees in the area. For the subsequent years I would probably grow and hill the rootstocks  in beds, how close together can you plant them and how many rootstocks can you harvest each year?
2. I don't have a big enough greenhouse
3. I would probably have to grow them in pots
4. How long from graft to sellable trees?
5. Is it ethical - I mean can the tree fail several years after I grafted it? I only want to sell good stuff.
6. We are in cool temperate climate and can grow all from apples to lemons, olives.
Thanks for the advise!!
4 months ago
I used to work in planning of communal compost plants (not huge though). The main issue is the stench. If you have any neighbours nearby you will run into trouble. So they had to house all these operations which costs a lot of money and creates a huge pile of problems itself. Otherwise it's a good idea.
4 months ago
He is a vegan activist. I don't know any healthy vegan. Can't people just eat normal, potatoes vegetables, meat? That is probably the best. A diet where you need extra vitamins like B12 can that be healthy?
4 months ago
OK facebook is evil I know. BUT there is a lot of work involved, which has to be paid by someone. Number one is add revenue which is probably a smaller part but this is only speculation. Number two is selling your data, therefore all the privacy breeches and number three is payments by the deep state. So if you want something as powerful as facebook, I don't know - could it run entirely on add revenue or would users have to pay a fee? I don't know the figures, pure speculation. To get as big as they are they did have a lot of help which is outside their company.