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since Jan 16, 2013
I love gardening, grow a lot of food herbs and fruit. I have chicken and ducks and run a small plant nursery - how blessed am I!
cool climate, Blue Mountains, Australia
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Recent posts by Angelika Maier

The question is why you want to do this. First it is a lot of work and second the net is full of similar stories. If you want to gain local interest and get people to do permaculture in your local area then use facebook groups in your area and link to your videos. I myself dislike videos and prefer reading.
1 week ago
Sorry guys, I asked that already but no matter where I search I cannot find it again!
So, I still did not build that brewer, BUT he promised me for my birthday which was only a month ago IF I find the right pump.
My plan is to use one of these blue barrels which I already have (people use them for rain barrels or aquaponic setups). Now I have to find the right pump for it, someone recommended these pumps:
Is there a design which is better than the other? Are there designs which are not good?
1 month ago
I think to get it going is hard work and I can imagine being out in the sun all day to build all these fences to protect the tree seedlings..... There's another thing, the weed hysteria of our government. So they declared willow as a weed, but you better have a willow than nothing. They spray all the road verges regularly, maybe for safety concerns, but really, a road which looks narrower slows drivers down. IMO all road verges should be hedgerows at least five meters high. Another thought is to double crop, plant trees which either give you timber or fruit or carob or chestnuts or something else. I know these bloody birds and bats and possums!!!
3 months ago
Even if I had a microscope (and space for it), how do I know who is who in the soil? I mean you have to learn to use it and it is not easy I guess.
3 months ago
on the alkalinity: aren't olives plants which prefer alkaline soil?
3 months ago
We lived in a small house in QLD with a fan only but it was really OK. No insulation but windows on every four sides and sash windows not the sliding ones. The house was on short 70 cm stilts the floor was leaky floorboard so it was pretty cold in what they call winter there. All entry door have safety screens so that you can leave the door open at night (with fly meshes). Wo what you can do: increase the air circulation! And there was o huge mango tree which made all the difference.
3 months ago
All pictures need to be of the same size otherwise it looks wonky. Grammar issues! Some layout issues in the text. Leaky gut: improve product description. Product description goes on the top and what it is on the bottom (people know their syndrome already)
3 months ago
A blog can look like a newspaper. It is not necessary that there is only one article visible. I am not familiar with wordpress, but for a project like this, I would go for it without even asking. On most blogging platforms you can invite people to write for you (called editor). Other people who only write once a year, I would prefer them to send me an article in word and then I would put it up for them. If it's for a village only why not host it and pay the $30 or so per year?
3 months ago
Just another thought: Obviously your wife is bringing the money home and holds a regular job. So probably she thinks she deserves something in return, and this is right. Handymen at least around here make a good living, so you should be able to make some money. Maybe you should review your tool-spending. You don't need every tool available. The more you spend on maybe unnecessary tools the less likely your wife will be to save money. Do you talk about purchases of tools before or do you simply go and buy? It would really piss me off if I would have to work full time whilst my husband is handyman and doesn't make anything at all but spends a fortune on tools. There are always two sides of a story. But maybe I am wrong and you are just buying the basics,.....
3 months ago
I can tell you what worked for me: First, you figure out your shortcomings in your relationship. Don't focus on your partner, because you can't change your partner the only person you can change is yourself. SEcond, set yourself a timeframe - it has to be reasonable, two weeks is not enough try for several months. During this time, you try to do everything you can do on your side. Try to be the perfect you (to and extend). Then when the set date is reached figure out if anything has changed, if your relationship is better now. If not leave it. If it has changed to a degree but not enough try a bit more. But ultimately you have to set  a time when enough is enough. It worked for me I was very clear that nothing will change and left. I did not look back a second. It is very important that you don't talk with your partner about that ultimatum because ultimatums do not work only in the way described. During that time you can discuss the issues but don't overdiscuss!
3 months ago