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Mark Shepard wrote:

Q: What do your kids like and dislike most, and how do you handle the different palates at your table?

Well, I know it may sound hard to believe, but our kids eat everything they're served... Probably the "stir-fry du-jour" or "mexican mess" is their go-to favorites.
At the table we eat what is served. Sometimes the boys sheepishly ask if we'll buy them some bread. (since we don't eat grains we don't bother to make bread) We'll go ahead and buy a loaf, but they rarely finish it before it molds. When you grow up not eating that stuff, it's not a part of your habit so you just don't eat it.

Being the kid, I think I can add a little to this. It is very true that my brother and I readily consume pretty much anything. I think that the statistic my dad gave of meals being 1/4 protein is usually the low end. Often we'll just have a sausage patty for breakfast, or just a beef burger or porkchops for dinner (Oh wait, did I mention it was grass-fed, hazelnut finished organic meat?). I think a better stat would be "anywhere from 25-75% protein".

The ONLY food dislikes:
The huge quantities of our market produce rejects (especially shittakes and asparagus) gave me and my brother an ... ... unappetizing relationship with these foods. Just imagine 3 meals a day of asparagus for the length of the season. Even the pigs stop eating it. Not kidding either! To this day, I am not overly fond of either of the above foods. I am working on it, and enjoy them far more than I used to, but still... you want a meal with ASPARAGUS?!? WHY? So, if you don't want your kids to dislike a certain food, do your best to not feed them extensive quantities of it!

6 years ago