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Beverly Johnson

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since Jan 20, 2013
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I pledged about $60.00 the dvd and still have not received them please let me know when they will be sent  
Thank You
Beverly Johnson

Rocket Mass Heaters 4-DVD Set
by paul wheaton
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I am considering building one in my basement and have heard them called Rocket stove and masonry heater. Is there a difference between the two and if so which one is more efficient?
9 years ago
Thank you for the respnses. The pump is described as on demand. Would I need to turn it on and off everytime the water is used or could it supply water to the system up to the right psi?
11 years ago
I am planning to be off the grid in less than a year. I am planning a rainwater catchment system in the back of my house that will be commected to the house plumbing. The tank will be large. I hope to build it out of insulated concrete forms possibly 6 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 20 feet high. I am hoping there will be enough gravity fed pressure to suit the needs of my house. bathroom shower etc.

My question is how do I know there will be enough pressure when I turn on the fauset? is there any math formula to determine the pressure when the tank is full or 1/2 full? Any ideas?

11 years ago