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As far as I understand there are all sorts of interests behind fires all over the world. A few could be accidental but most aren't... The suicidal attempts of humanity are still going strong. So are the fires in Greece...
4 years ago
It gives us great pleasure to announce that for the first time ever the acclaimed Permaculture expert Peter Cow will be arriving in Greece to host an international Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at the beautiful location of Elpidohori (Hopeland) in the south of Greece. Taking part in this course helps us fund a “Permaculture Caravan” that will take Peter around Greece for 3 weeks doing talks and Permablitz events FOR FREE!

The PDC will take place from 18th to 29th of June, 2014 on location at Elpidohori (Hopeland), Argos, Greece.

Course Info

Full 12-day syllabus and Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion.

Learn to observe patterns and principles in the wild, in self and in society, and explore how to use them in designing and decision-making – from house construction, to gardens, to community development.

Learn how and where to use the techniques, and get support in choosing or creating the most appropriate ones.

Learning methods used are so diverse and well-ranged that they cater to visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and verbal dominant learners.

Course starts with an introduction to permaculture: its thinking, principles and design tools.

We then go into practical solutions for all areas of life: water systems, gardening and landscaping, lifestyle choices and self resilience, the built environment, community development, financial systems and designing in different climate zones.

Towards the end, we carry out a group design project to explore and integrate the design processes more fully.

This particular course will have a focus on community development and water harvesting/storing in the landscape, alongside the traditional wide ranging, life changing PDC curriculum, covering land design, eco building, social permaculture, food forests, soil improvement, working in different climate zones and much more.

This is a course that requires no prior knowledge, no special skills or experience; it is available to everyone!

Attend this course and help us help others!
We feel the need to give something back to the people of this country who are going through difficult times at the moment and are in need of new skills, but cannot afford to pay for them. So we decided to use the profits from this PDC to fund a ‘Permaculture Caravan‘ that will take Peter around the country for three weeks, spreading the word on sustainable living. This has never been done before and we are counting on your support to make it work!

So come join us create a better world, for you, for us, and for many many more...

A few words about Peter Cow

Peter took his PDC in 1998, and went on to co-found an eco community in Devon, UK, where he lived for 7 years. He has been teaching since 2007, and has experience leading PDCs around Europe. His courses are certified by the Permaculture Association (Britain), with whom he is also an active Diploma Tutor.

He has wide design experience including woodland management, food forests, eco buildings, community development, personal resilience and event design, in both cool temperate and Mediterranean climates. He is deeply involved in social permaculture, and was co-facilitator with Looby Macnamara at the first ever People and Permaculture Facilitator Training course in 2013.

He is also a keen musician and traveller, bringing music, songs and depth to his courses.

For more information about Peter, please visit his website

For more info:
4 years ago
Since the surgery at my lower back, I had gotten into the mattress industry for 3 years in search of the perfect mattress working for a big latex mattress/bed company here in Greece. I have slept in beds costing 10.000 euros and more as well as in very good cheaper combinations of bed-mattresses, mattresses and comforters. My conclusions, after also doing customer service for the company for a year and after sleeping in numerous beds and mattresses, is that you need to pay a lot of money for great results and it won't last you more than 5 years, tops 10. Latex mattresses do the best job at conforming to the curves of the body and relaxing the spine (which is what we seek after, the surface to conform to our figure and not the opposite) but loose their attributes quite fast if they are full natural (100% natural latex) and are very expensive. Semi synthetic latex is just full of petrochemicals... Booooh!!!

I know you leave at a cold place but there are ways to be warm in a hammock and if you spend some time researching (there's a forum for them too), I am positive you won't go back to beds. Mayans for summer and Brazilians for the winter with proper bottom insulation and you'll have the most pressure-less sleep ever! It's like you sleep on a cloud! Only drawback is that you need to go solo... Not very comfy for couples...

Oh, and you just throw it in the washing machine or can be washed in a bucket with water and soap. Super easy and hygienic!
5 years ago

Jason McFarland wrote:Would there be any disadvantage in using these types of bags in earthbag dome construction?

I am also on the roadway to making a "hyper"/"super" adobe house next spring and I have already been at a workshop where we made a couple of constructions and it wasn't domes that we made. It was straight up walls and surfaces. It didn't dome at all as far as I remember. Very fast and effective way to build a house.. Much faster than previous earth bag constructions. And it becomes a monolithic thing like cob. Very stable! Feel free to ask anything. Lets make this thread a nice pool of knowledge about Hyper/Super Adobe!
5 years ago