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Recent posts by LeeAnn Kidwell

I am not on Facebook - just can’t do it.  There is a pretty good network of purple permaculture in the Bloomington area but I can’t get into that style - just thought I might have better luck on this forum - thanks
I’m in south-central Indiana and wonder how many permies would be interested in local in-person meet-ups. I’d love to meet other similarly interested people in the area.

I’d be willing to drive 2-3 hours just to sit for a couple of hours and talk with people that don’t automatically look at me like I have 2 heads:)

If there is anyone looking for a simple way to meet like-minded folks let me know!
INTJ female here! I have never met an INTJ in real life. My dad is the only other one I know:/

How is NJ permaculture going?? Any fun obsessions? I’m either totally uninterested in things or crazy obsessed. Lately the plant world has my attention -