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Great!!! Thanks for spreading the word!!!
5 years ago
Wanna live off the grid? Come join us this Summer July 29-3 at Terra Alta in Sintra, Portugal!!

We will build a Rocket Mass Heater from start to finish, as well as an efficient cooking stove! In addition to that, we will do some Natural Building on the existing structures on site! Josh Roxendale from Sweden has built several Rocket Mass Heaters with great success and he will come to Portugal to share his knowledge! This is a unique oportunity to learn about super effiecient wood burning stoves that you will be able to build yourself with very little money! After this course, you will be able to design a rocket mass heater to your own needs and build it yourself!

Check out more details of the course and the earls bird specials! There is also a Permaculture Design Course right after it!


Looking forward to seeing you this Summer!

5 years ago
March 21-24, 2013: DESIGNING A CULTURE FOR SUSTAINABILITY Workshop at Terra Alta, Portugal

This year, for the first time, Terra Alta will offer an event centered around the “culture” of permaculture. This is a workshop ideal for anybody who works professionally with groups, community organizations and dreams of living an ecological lifestyle with others.

Throughout this four-day course, we will showcase effective strategies, design methods and tools that can create an atmosphere of full participation within a group project. It is helpful for those who are at any stage of project development – in its beginnings or amidst – as well as individuals who are seeking new ways to inspire others and make their ecological dreams come true.

Example exercises will cover topics such as open space technology, group decision-making, consensus, social patterning, non-violent communication, conflict resolution, social justice and dragon dreaming. Students will develop foundational skills in how to maintain social cohesion within a given project and/or organization – how to deal with the diverse personality types that interact within a project so there is a feeling of “success” across all participants.

Many have referred to this workshop a “practice run” for living in an intentional community, while others have used it to further develop ideas they have for ecological projects and even personal homesteads.

Location: Terra Alta, Almoçageme, Sintra, Portugal

Facilitators: Mihail Kossev & Doug Crouch

Language used: English (with help to translate unknown words whenever needed)

Course Fee: 100€ ***includes camping accommodation and all meals that are local, organic, delicious, and homemade***

For more information and to register contact the following:
Melissa at terraalta.sintra@gmail.com

6 years ago