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(I couldn't find the rules so if this is not where I should have put this I'm sorry)

My family and I are relocated to Florida due to our love of the water. Our loss could be a great find for someone here on the boards. So its time to let go of this place and move on to another.

I bought this property 4 years ago as a forclosed bank owned property and over the past 4 years have completely refurbished the house and make improvements to the land. Its 5.25 acres with a 3 Bed 2 Bath 1800sq foot house, 1500sq ft garage with 12' shed roof the full legnth of the building and 9x12 dog kennel, 1/4 acre pond, 2 wells (1 for house 1 for irrigation) and loads of fruit trees and pecan trees as well as native pioneers that are edible.
Some plants to note are:
-blue berry bushes,
-trellis with concord grapes and kiwi
-pecan trees
-peach trees
-apple trees
-pear trees
-fig trees
-wild blackberries
-sassafras trees (make your own root beer or tea)
-river birch trees (Indians used the bark to make a flour)
-sawtooth oaks (lots and lots of acorns to attract wildlife or make bread if your weird like that
-Hybrid poplars on property for a sustainable firewood source
-and many others

The property is located in Horry County South Carolina, 40 min from Myrtle Beach, 1.5hrs to Wilmington, 2hrs to Colombia and 2.5hrs to Charleston. Day trips to get anywhere Situated on the end of a dirt road its a beautiful rural plot surrounded by farmers and swamps lots of wildlife... Hogs, Deer, turkey, Rabbits, and ducks to name a few of the tasty ones. It would make a great spot to practice some permaculture and to make your homestead. Animals of any kind are welcome with no restrictions so get ready to raise your chickens, cows, goats, cows, horses what ever you want. Property is already fenced with 4" square hog wire and a 6' dirt mound protects the back 3 sides as well as creates a shooting range on the property for those vital practice sessions. This is the perfect place to start a self reliant life style. Listed at $174700

Follow the link below for more info. thanks for looking.

our craigslist ad
6 years ago
OK cool you aren't that far at all. the only thing I'm propagating right now are hybrid poplars. I am trying to establish 1 or 2 acres as a firewood and mulch production area. so if you want some of those I could trade a few cuttings I'm rooting right now. you wouldn't have a excavator would ya? haha
7 years ago
cool where about in SC are you located I'm in the area of the grand stand near myrtle beach. maybe we can share labor and plantings.
7 years ago
Cool so there are a few of us around here. where are you'all at in your venture into permaculture? I've had a slow go of it but have begun a 1 acre food forest with pecans, peach, apple and legumes but need to work on some sealed and my understory plantings. anyway would love to here from you'all
7 years ago
hi Joe I know this is an old thread but thought I'd say hi. I'm located in north eastern SC not far from tabor city nc

7 years ago