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Hi all,

I'm planning a coppice woodlot using black locust for firewood. Other functions will be fodder for chicks, nectar for bees and useful wood for projects.

There has been much research done at Michigan State since the energy crisis of the 70's on this legume.

A few points I have read about to help fellow b.locust fans.

-they won't tolerate shade.
-they won't tolerate overly damp soils.
-Hungry has one of the largest, non native stands of black locust.
-a part of France has established black locust for the excellent honey production.
-it is one of the fastest growing, hardest woods in the temperate zone.

A permies dream tree.
5 years ago
Has anyone tried Arbor Vitae (sp)? I cut down a bunch of it last summer and would love to put it to use in a hugel-k. My backup plan would be to chip it and use as a mulch.

I plan on dumping tons of coffee grounds into whatever I use to add some good nitro.

I'm starting some blueberry plants so acid soil is desired.

I also have a nice source of free woodchips that I want to try to use in my Hk veggie garden. They will breakdown fast but being that I like digging in the dirt, I won't mind redoing the new bed in a few years.

Thanks for any info,
6 years ago