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Recent posts by Alex Pine

I forgot to post my progress.
I got some free insulation and bought plaster board.
It's basically finished now and has become my microgeens shed.
It's now mid winter and the LED lights are keeping it warm enough for good germination.
I can't wait to do more testing in the summer.

4 months ago
Some photos of the shed
8 months ago
Ok finally have the shed up. I've basically ran out of cash though so it'll be going quite slow now. I have plugged up the holes in the shed to try stop air coming in from the sides instead of the cool tubes. I have no ventilation in yet to help draw the hot air out. However I have just put one thermometer probe on top of a cool tube and one outside. I'll do more experiments when I'm finished.
8 months ago

William Bronson wrote:Love your idea.
Does the system include a drain for condensation?
I didn't spot any glue in the video,  are the pipes friction fit?
That might be enough allow drainage.

I didn't really think about condensation. Hopefully it will be negligible or drain out the unglued joints like you suggested.
9 months ago
Finally had enough mates around to get rid of the old 200 kg spa and bring the shed pieces around. This morning I've flashed the deck and tidied up. I have a mate coming this weekend to erect the shed yay.
9 months ago

Tereza Okava wrote:Beautiful!!! Are those nectarines?

Peacharines. It's a cross. They are so juicy and delicious.
10 months ago
Today's harvest
10 months ago
Perhaps there could be cooking a three course meal for 4+ and 8+ and 12+ guests?
11 months ago
I've laid the quarry rubble and hopefully will do the concrete slab (yes I know it's not very permacultureish) on Sunday. After that I can build the shed.
11 months ago

kevin stewart wrote:Hi

Please please please post results later.

Outside temp, inside temp, temp at pipe outlet and how long it stays at that temperature.


That's my plan
1 year ago