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Recent posts by Patrick Hadow

Hi Permies

My names Patrick, I live on a farm in Devon (England) with my family. My parents moved here to this beautiful 64acre farm when I was a 4 year old. Now I'm 20! I feel like these are exciting times full of change.

I hoped for your advice on replacing our oil Stanley with a wood fired kitchen cooker.
Here's a little back round: We live in a big, old, two-story, stone, country house. The kitchens in the middle of two rooms which both have wood fires in. These fires both heat our water.

what we want for the kitchen is a wood burner just for cooking on. Easy to use, not too fuel hungry and lots of hop space.

Any thoughts?

Hope this finds you all well and healthy.

Kind Regards,
5 years ago
Hello all

I live in south devon on a small holding.
I am currently building a basic PSP design house!

Loads of digging going on
7 years ago