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Recent posts by Eva Taylor

I’ve been making pack baskets and leather shoes.  I got a great video from laughing Crowe for shoes and Jill Choate has free videos for basket making. The shoes are hard, you have to be meticulous and follow all instructions- no shortcuts.  Baskets were much easier to learn, I learned from the videos mentioned above about 2 years ago this last August. I started designing my own a couple weeks after buying a kit and watching videos, if you can do basic addition you can make whatever you need for a basket. Here are some photos of what I’ve done in the last few months:
3 years ago
Is there a good resource for researching plants that have been domesticated, specifically where in the successional sequence they naturally grow so that I can determine what kind of soil they would prefer?  Some plants might be grown as annuals here but not in their native habitat. I feel like this is a giant hole in my knowledge base and keeping me from creating cohesive guilds with more conventional domesticated "veggies" interspersed with perennial shrubs and fruit/ nut trees.  i feel like using the sun/ shade requirements is too broad a tool in determining where to put things when taking soil succession into account. Maybe overthinking this- help!
6 years ago
Since learning about the effects of ph on bacterial growth I figured that by changing the ph of my pits I would alter the environment enough to change the type of bacteria.  I spritz with ACV every morning after showering, so far it seems to be working pretty well.  Since kombucha vinegar is easy to make I'm planning on trying that as well.
7 years ago
So after reading through most of these posts I'll just add that after researching fermentation and why it works it seemed that a simple ph change in underarm environment would change the bacteria that grow there.  I have begun using straight apple cider vinegar with great results. might try kombucha vinegar soon...
7 years ago
Has anyone thought about or tried woodchips currently growing mushroom mycelium? Could a certain fungus be "taught" to consume pee? Poo? Paul Stamets seems to be able to teach mushrooms to eat things they normally wouldn't...
At the very least you could grow mushrooms in sawdust in buckets and then when the last mushroom has been harvested, you pee on it. Mycelium containing soil is supposed to hold more water, soooo what do you think?? I know pee is used easily, so it may not be needed for that, but maybe the spent mushroom stuff could be broken up and used for the poo?
8 years ago
Have you heard of Rolfing? Hellerwork?
Ice and painkillers for a day or three while you get the inflammation down is a good idea if you get a doc recommending it. Then....
Finding a good structural body worker might help. When I have people in so much pain they can't move I find the affected nerves and follow them from the spine to the periphery of the body and start working the musculature there. By the time I get to the spine things have usually loosened to the point that movement with much less pain is possible. So for the cervical spine I would generally start in the hands and arms, forearms especially, ive found, to influence the upper ribs and shoulders. Pectoral or chest muscles to influence the upper back and sometimes the neck. Latisimus dorsi if there is pain lifting arms up and over the head, or mid to low back / rib pain. I find if I can create some space in an area not so inflamed it helps the stuff closer to the spine on that nerve to relax.
So now that I've said all of this- go easy and stay away from the neck and spine- let the pros handle that. And don't hammer at things for hours Little bits at a time, and then ice where you have worked.

My teacher is this guy http://www.capstonemethod.com/ he has some you tube videos up, check them out. maybe it will at least give you some alternative ideas for therapy. I've seen this type of bodywork work miracles. An osteopathic doc who does manual manipulations could also help a lot and be covered by insurance. Exploring the emotional connections to the throat chakra may be of use as well??? Wish I could be there to help out. Good luck!
8 years ago
I have found Paul's rule to be true in my own experience. Most often I see the truth of this rule in mixed company where general statements are being passed around as truth like: " hippies smell and smoke pot and are good for nothing" or " gun owners are right wing assholes" when I find myself in these situations- where I feel surrounded by douchebags I usually keep my mouth shut for fear of my own RELATIVE douchbaggery being realized. I think this also supports the idea that a lack of knowledge precipitates this affliction of douchbaggery. Without the ignorance of sweeping generalizations a large portion of the existing world douchbaggery would disappear. I also like the idea of this serving double duty with the rule that you should never point out the stink of another without first looking in into the source of your own stink... Or something to that effect.
8 years ago
Same bed as above...
Wood included- pine, locust, tree of heaven, oak, some newly cut some rotting, various vines, Japanese barberry. This bed just passed its third year of production.
8 years ago
This is great! I toss in a 20$ and get to be another cog in the permie wheel, crowdfunding is THE way of the future! thanks for the opportunity to support another great thing!
8 years ago