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Recent posts by Molli Vandehey

hey, y'all! my family of 5 people (3 unschooled/ homeschooled kiddos and 2 partnered adults) are currently seeking a 3+ bedrooms dwelling on land of some kind...
we are flexible on a bunch of these requirements and have SO many ideas on how to make projects sustainable, etc... here is a rundown

housing/ land wishlist:
4 bedrooms
5+ acres (shared is fine)
raising our foods (meats and produce)
creating community demonstration
$1400 a month or less, hopefully part payable in alterntive economy (work, money raising, etc...)

passon for earth building
willingness to get hands dirty
tech support
emergency preparedness skills
business management
virtual assistant/ bookkeeping

spiritual but not organized religious, though i (not my partner) identify as christian, no churchgoing right now
attachment parenting
polyamory (though we are personally currently monogomous)
NOT vegetarian, we respect others beliefs but could not live someplace vegetarian only
alternative-lifestyle friendly, would not want my gay father in law to not be able to visit his grandchildren

i have TONS of ideas how to fund intentional communities, if you wanna start one,.... or if you know someone who may have trouble keeping up their farm but not willing to let it go? or your neighbours are renting their home and you think we'd be awesome to live near! (you'd be right!)

anyway, i have decided that this WILL manifest, so i am getting it out there. spread the word, keep your ears open, be creative! we don't have much but what we have we pay forward!
5 years ago
our family is super interested in joining/ forming a family-friendly community in the pacific northwest. we are 3 kids, 2 adult,s a cat and a dog. we have no specific experience with farming and natural building but are obsessed with observing, reading mother earth magzine, and watching youtube videos. we are low on cash but are willing to sell everything we own for the right place. i can write grants and have TONS of ideas for raising money, with the right group/ location/ plan.... let's get this thing going!!!
5 years ago