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This is run by my friend and neighbor on her gorgeous land in New Hampshire that she has been farming for 30 years. She and the women teaching these classes are an incredible wealth of knowledge that I hope other women will take advantage of!

Women's Retreats at Davis Farm

Six weekend retreats centered around homesteading skills and self improvement

Taught by Women ~ For Women

Schedule for 2014

July 11-13: Woolwork - Shearing, Washing, Felting

July 25-27: Milk processing - Yogurt, Cheese, Soap

August 8-10: Living Well - Reflexology, Yoga, Nutrition

August 22-24: Nature Walk/Nature Write - Hiking and Writing

September 5-7: Food Preservation - Drying, Canning, Fermenting

September 12-14: Blacksmithing

Cost: $200 for the weekend - includes 5 meals and on-site accommodations
or $100 without accommodations and Saturday lunch

Contact Barbara Davis for more information, place and times: 603-443-0262 or

6 years ago
Thanks for the sentiment.
We are really open minded to the area that we settle. We have "narrowed" it down to south of Bangor. We like the idea if being close to Unity and Mofga.
We are hunting for building materials too. May have a lead on an 1860's farmhouse to be torn down. But the more options the better.
Good day.
7 years ago
We are a young family of four with a dog. We are looking to obtain land and build a house with sustainable/recycled materials, with low energy use and permaculture ideas. We realize that building could take a while and we are looking for a decent place to stay while we are building. We would love to find a situation that allows some financial flexibility or barter opportunities. In the past we have done work trade for a space to live in our yurt. This worked wonderfully for the landowners and our family too.

We no longer have the yurt, but perhaps you have an in-law apartment or guest house that is not in use. Maybe you would like a handyman to help fix up your home, farm, or land. Maybe you could use a little extra cash.

We are caring, respectful and open minded people with a vast skill set who will do our best to ensure your happiness. We have references available.

If you are interested for any reason (maybe you just want to know what we are up to!), feel free to get in touch!
Thanks for looking.

7 years ago
Where in CT? We are actually traveling there today!
7 years ago
Hey there - my husband, two kiddos and I live on the Cape! pretty eastern... but we're looking at hopefully buying land soon up in NH or ME, there is no. way. we would ever be able to afford anything here that we could do what we wanted with. We're hoping to find the perfect place to have a little homestead, garden, fruit trees, chickens, nice little cob/strawbale/cordwood/recycled material house, maybe a cow someday... We've always wanted to live with others to help each other out. It's nice to know there are some others in this area that are interested in similar ways of living. We are also interested in looking into joining with another person/couple/family to purchase land, it could be an economical way of everyone getting what they want and need! I'm mid-20s, husband mid 30s, and like you said, not that it matters, but it's nice to know where people might be at in life. Feel free to get in touch!
7 years ago