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I'd love to hear what those who are tied to QuickBooks on the Windows platform are doing for workarounds. My livelihood currently depends on running this software, I don't expect that to change for the next several years.
(I run Windows 10 in a virtual machine, and use the "vintage" Mac side for browsing.)
3 weeks ago
Soak jars in hot water with a few drops of dish soap and some washing soda. The labels will slide right off after about 30 minutes soak. I use 1/4C washing soda in a rubbermaid tub sink liner kinda thingie.

You can make an acidic citrus cleaner by soaking orange and other citrus peels in white vinegar. I haven't tried it for removing labels, but it works well for cleaning other generic gunk.
6 months ago
My experience has been that one of the best ways to keep cool is make sure I'm not carrying around extra body weight. When I'm overweight, I'm miserable in the heat, but when I'm at a healthy weight, my surface area-to-mass ratio improves, and I can dissipate heat better. Since I eat a high-fruit & vedge diet when I'm maintaining a healthy weight, the extra water and phytonutrients also help reduce inflammation, which in turn helps with staying cool.

I realize that excess weight isn't necessarily an issue for everyone on this thread.
9 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:...This summer at the Maine Farm Days show, the NRCS had a big pit dug to show the kids what soil health was all about, and the attendant was almost bored to death from no one approaching his demonstration area. It was away from the main tents for safety reasons, but it just showed me few people were interested.

I wonder if he could have drawn more people in by standing (or kneeling) *in* the pit, and - I dunno, exclaiming "Look what I found!"? Or some equivalent...

Maybe dressing in a costume that was one side dead-soil plants, one side living-soil plants? There's a lotta competition for attention out there, sometimes you have to get creative.
1 year ago
We're considering getting one of these, so we can cook outside on our tiny village homestead as much as possible this summer, but it's a fair chunk o' change. We'd love to hear back from those of you who've (finally!) received yours. How are they performing? Was the PCM mystery ever solved?

1 year ago