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Matthew Nistico wrote:Hello Joel,

Just a quick note. Not your dream "perma girl" here, but wanted to say hi and welcome to permies. I can only assume that you are located in the Ozarks, based on your username (or is that your real name? if so, cool!)? You might want to make that more clear in your post, since it is pretty important. Anyway, since you are interested in underground homes and are new here, you might not be familiar yet with Paul's work on promoting a building model that he calls "wofati." You should check it out! He doesn't use earthbags, but even if you do there is still a lot of relevant info on how to design an underground house that will really manage groundwater flow and therefore last. Start by reading his introductory article: go to and click the wofati link at top left. Also search the forums here at permies for wofati threads. I know there is a thread somewhere with some computer schematics posted that don't appear in his article - they were the first images that really got me to visualize the key concepts of the design.

Peace, and good luck with your homesteading and matchmaking dreams!

Thanks for that link it reminded me to finish "The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book - Mike Oehler". Yes I am in the Ozarks, the bedrock is almost to the surface and very rocky in most all of this region making it hard to go underground. I think wofati is a neat concept and I will for study it. Thanks again for the info.
5 years ago
I apologize if this was already posted, I read for about 20 minutes then scanned through posts and didn't see this information. Well BOTH Washington and Oregon have mandatory building codes now. Some Counties may not be policing as much but they are on the books so to speak and I would guess they will be used to go after off griders. I knew a guy who lived near Wenatchee who was harassed off his off grid home.

I made this map.. it is roughly based on building codes listed here ( This is just a rough by no means complete. Red= Codes for all , Yellow= no building codes for single family dwelling but plumbing & electrical codes, Green= No Codes for anything. In the green & yellow states there are still localities and some counties that have restrictions.

Hope this helps.

To note most all areas in the US have septic codes.. so green states still police septic and waster water discharge by EPA mandate. Get around that with a compost toilet!
5 years ago
I just recently found this website. This is actually my first post... I would be interested in starting email correspondence with like minded people.

I am also single so maybe finding a perma girl (pun intended) would be a good thing! Please though I'm also interested in friends too, please anyone of any age, gender would be great to email.

My Dream
Provide my own energy and food. Create a modest earthbag/underground home totally self sustainable. I have a on grid home and a few acres now but am hoping to get more land in the next few years.

My Interests
Earthbag Building
Underground Building
Alternative Energy
Space Travel
PC Games
Parenting (have two kids)
Antiques and much more!

Would like to make new friends and possibly find that special someone
5 years ago