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Blueberries grow wild here up in the mountains. I will try to move some bushes in their own soil in spring. Forest strawberries I have since this spring, also from the forest.

Plums are very popular around here but they become an alchoholic drink:)

I am thinking of around 6 trees in the back that would create a bit of shade. Second layer would be bushes of berries. A raised bed shaped as mandale with strawberries and borago officinalis.
The oil drums are a fantastic idea and I could also get the kids involved to paint them.

I would have to test the herbs to see which one works best for the ticks.

Still trying to work out the sketchup:)
4 years ago
Andrew wow thank you for the list of trees! Will start looking into them and see what I can find locally!

Will also look into the google app to see what I can do with it!

I want to keep bees away as much as possible, as the kindergarden has around 60 children. I do not want to get in trouble if they get in trouble with the bees! There are quite a big number of hives in the area so they will flourish, I hope:)

Ticks is a never ending issue here. Will try this year to plant in small areas specific herbs to see which works best.

Should I consider planting larger trees towards the fence and a smaller range of bushes in front?
4 years ago
David thank you for the reply!

The idea is wonderful and we could use drums for veggies.
But the main problem remains with the trees and what to plant around them.
4 years ago
Been reading this forum for over 1 year. Made the courage to build a mandala garden instead of my lawn and now I want more.

First of all, I am based in Romania, city of Sibiu, which is quite cold (max minus 20 in the winter, plus 35 summer).

I want to get the community involved in two projects this year:

1. Make a small garden with trees and a small raised bed in one of the kindergartens of the town. The backyard is quite big, has some old trees that probably need serious pruning and some old toys.

My questions are:
Is there an online free software that I could sketch the garden and show it to the town administration?
What trees could I use for the back that would create a bit of shadow and not attract too many bees?
What shape of raised bed would be attractive for the kids and what I could plant in it? (would think of some fruits like the berry family to get their attention).

2. There is a huge park in the city and part of it is lacking trees. Most of the trees existing by the walkways are pine trees, which are tall. I know that they create a serious acid soil so I would not know what to suggest to plant near them.

What type of trees could we plant in between the pine trees?
What herbs could we plant to keep away ticks from that area?

Thank you,

4 years ago