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Recent posts by christy nieto bellingham

20)  Do they still have that dinosaur thing in bozeman?

Paul, just after the Bozeman Sepp week a couple of us went to see the dinosaurs, it was amazing! I just found this funny photo of Matt Lamb and me.

Great post!
Miss you guys.
6 years ago
Paul and Jocelyn,
My dear friend Sandie has Lumbar Sacral Radiculoplexus Neuropathy which is very similar to what you are dealing with but it is in the lower extremities where yours is in the upper. She is in excruciating pain. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this awful condition.

I am actually very surprised that you got this diagnosis so early on, it seems Sandie went to doctors for what seemed like a year before they figured it out. Her condition apparently has a lifespan of 2 years so at least there is an end in sight for her.

Get a neurologist and physical therapist! I have asked her if you can speak to her, I think it would be very helpful.

Are you mega dosing on the turmeric w black pepper? Like 2 capsules 2-3 times a day? I got this super deal at the evil amazon:

Sending much love from Bellingham,
8 years ago
For some reason I can't figure out how to reply to your reply, i'm technologically challenged. We will come to Montana, we actually were just talking about this last week. It just seems daunting to go that far in a car w a 1 year old strapped into a carseat ... but it will happen. In the meantime, let me know if any of your neighboring lands come up for sale.
8 years ago
Paul! I would come down to see you but we have reservations for the Galiano ferry to spend a couple days w Eli's family. My out of town guests will be here Sun - Wed. Any chance you will still be in SEattle on Wed or later? If so, I'll come down.
Love from Bellingham
8 years ago
Hi Matu, I saw your post and created an account so that I could reply to it. I just returned from the Montana Sepp Holzer workshop and I asked him a very similar question in regards to invasive weeds. When he heard the word "weeds" he answered that there was no such thing as a weed and that these so called weeds are doing their job and that the answer is to change the environment where those plants thrive so that you can grow your food plants. He said that planting jerusalem artichokes or other tall fast growing food plants will shade out many "weeds". I have to say that while this is a wise answer the truth is that the three plants you mention - asian honeysuckle, bittersweet and bindweed - are very invasive and can shade out and kill trees and smother food plants! They would love to climb a jerusalem artichoke. You already know this. I suggest either building your hugel bed to an area that is free of these plants or deal with them before building your bed because if you don't you will create a new unpaid full time job for yourself. All of these plants are runners and so you can deal with them by covering the ground with a heavy mulching of cardboard (or set some plywood down) and then wait a couple of months (at least). Make sure you do this during the growing season... remove the mulch or plywood and you can access and remove the vines asthey will rise to the surface. You will never get all of them so I recommend doing this several times over the span of at least a year to get it all out. If anyone has less time consuming recommendations I would love to hear them.
11 years ago