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Recent posts by Pierre Talbot

Hello friends,

Last year, to give a more rustic look in front of the country house, I decided to make a cedar rail fence. Authentic, ancestry or country style design fence. I can't find anything on the Internet to help me for this building.

So I share to you my experiment as a result of field observations and building.

The anti-fungal properties of cedar requires no special maintenance !

Idea to add rustic appeal to your front yard !

See ----> My rustic split rail fence in front of my country house

Picture outcome:

4 years ago

Jerry Ward wrote:Hello,

I have a creek that cuts my property in half and I would like to build a bridge to get a tractor to the back half. Due to various departments of making you sad I need a clear span bridge of 26'-30'. My tractor weighs 3400 lbs and one of the main uses is to get firewood I'm thinking I need the bridge to support at least 5,000 lbs. Any help anyone can provide would be great.


Hello Jerry,

See my creek bridge: http://www.usa-gardening.com/bridge/pond-bridge.html

22 feet. Its just an idea... for 5000 lbs... im not sure.. but if this can give idea to you

5 years ago
Its not easy to me to compare my pond with another one located in the same cold temperature area... i dont know an other gardener with this same setup.

Yess the cost of the pump... its a factor to consider... buts is more cheap to smoke I never compare cost summer/winter

Layer of snow over my pond... this element change everytime... wind factor....

Same fish live in my bassin since 6-7 years.

5 years ago

Carol Sohn wrote:That's a very nice pond set-up. Really appreciate the fact that your cold weather system works so good! Truly impressive!

Thank you Carol, imagine -43 dregrees last month, its a weather record here...
5 years ago
Hello friends,

I posted about my creek... now its time to present to you my water garden.

40' X 15' with waterfall. If this can help someone here...

---> My water garden building pictures

A men at work (2004 when i dug it):

5 years ago
Not choice to heat my chicken coop. Just with one 250 watts hot lamps.

Last month -43 F. Here.

See my lamps: My hot lamps
5 years ago

Cris Bessette wrote:I see in your link to your website that you have been using this since at least 2007, does it work well?

Hello Cris, since i use this system, all my fish are safe !

Very incredible... imagine... in last month = -43 F here.
5 years ago