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Recent posts by Henry Jabel

I wanted to try growing it years ago but couldn't find the seed easily. The biggest dissapointment for me was it is an annual when most lupins are perrenial. So maybe its different enough not to cross pollinate too?  The alkaloids are meant to be bitter so its unlikely you might poison yourself without realising!
1 month ago
Even if you dont like its eating/making rope/insect habitat properties, it still makes incredible fertiliser and applied as foliar spray it vanquishes aphid infestations too.
1 month ago
Could a script be written to replace the 'offending' word with a picture of sticks that way it will never be a problem again. I don't think people will be discussing the offal based food much. Je suis retard por le idee?

Also never mention fanny pack in the U.K, it doesn't sound...good.
Well considering it is definately carcinogenic why not base the arguement against on the basis most people probably don't want cancer.

If you are growing trees in a woodland environment surely mulch is a much better option anyway. All those plants listed in the pesticide database for propyzamide are not going to survive a thick layer of mulch and as we just had the hottest summer for years it might be best to point out it's water saving advantages too. Most herbicides are not exactly cheap and typically need reapplying some months later so maybe there is a economic arguement too.
1 month ago

Chris Holcombe wrote:Is it true that they can take up to 30yrs to yield? I want to plant a few but that’s a super long wait for a harvest. Are there any superior selected varieties out there?

Yes they can take a while as early as 20 years or late as 40 according to pfaf. Yes there appear to be cultivars with bigger pinons according to the wikipedia page it's sparse on any details beyond that though.
2 months ago
I had no idea they were edible. However it looks like this is the edible one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahlia_coccinea
as it says it was 'used as a food source by the Aztecs'. So as most garden dahlias are hybrids that might explain why they are a bit hit and miss. I shall have to borrow a few from my customers to try.

4 months ago
I have bumped up the amount of artifacts I can pay for. However it was low because there was lots of uncertainty as I hadn't used Patreon before. There is 20% VAT (sales tax) on letting them fondle the money (which I really hope you can claw back somehow!). Plus I had some extra charges (from my bank) due to a Kickstarter, so I was overly cautious despite Patreon using Paypal.
I thought it was euphorbia too. If it bleeds a milky white sap when cut it definately is, though try not to get it on your skin as it can be irritating.
5 months ago
Its a little hard to tell from the photo but I think that is apple scab which is fungal issue. The best solution for apple scab is to grow a resistant variety. You can spray but something you want to do early on in the season. Ensuring good airflow and sunlight via pruning is also useful in preventing it.
6 months ago