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Recent posts by Henry Jabel

Wayne Mackenzie wrote:Keep it knocked down with hydrogen peroxide.  

It works for things like cobweb mold but in my experience not for trich and the more green you allow to develop the more spores will infest your grow space for the future. Collodial silver is a potential solution mentioned on reddit, but I can't say I have tried that yet.
4 weeks ago
It's trichoderma you need to chuck it outside preferably yesterday. Some species are quite beneficial to plant growth but you dont want the spores in your house or it will make your next grow more likely to fail. Its massively disheartening to throw it out especially as you were nearly there but its best in the long run.
4 weeks ago
I have creeping comfrey, bocking 14 and white comfrey. They seem to behave themselves if you cut them after flowering. I spend vastly more time weeding grasses out of areas my garden, they help to compete against grasses so I would not consider the comfrey invasive with my circumstances.
1 month ago
Yes gift codes. I have worked it out, I can just click it I was worried it was allocate it to me if I did that. Sorry for being a bit dim and thanks for the codes.

I am currently trying to infect brains with the help of the free links from the bearded behemouth. However as I have been sending the aforementioned links to people I don't know personally, I dont want to both them to ask if they have used them. However after a certain amount of time I might want to send it to someone else. So is there a search option on this website I am not aware of where I can check if they are still alive or dead as a dodo?

If not could you make one?

Gaias garden and 401-440 also working well too
2 months ago
I have bought this a while a go and downloaded a new gob 361-400 to test it. I listened to some of it  so can confirm it works on android using firefox.
2 months ago
I wouldn't bother with the burner. I bought a plumbers gas torch for this sort of purpose and hardly both using it now as I find it the most labourious method. The OP is in Ireland its generally wetter than here the grass would not burn well most times of the year, especially with all that wet organic matter around it. By the time you burnt all the grass you could have removed it with a weeding tool or screwdriver and it wont be back the next week.

I would use a leaf blower to remove the organic material and cover it with something for as long as possible. Vinegar and washing up liquid can work, however during the winter with all the extra potential heavy rain it can get diluted and not work as well as it should.

Long term I would buy more gravel doesnt look like you have very much there and the more you have the less the weeds will grow.

Using hydrated lime might be another alternative to kill the weeds with alkalinity but I havent tried it as I have only just thought of it!

3 months ago
I still have old photoshop installed for the moment but with all this subscription trend I have already gone open source for some things. I have been using Libreoffice for about 5 years and it is excellent free alternative for word, excel etc. So I better go intall GIMP and get used to photo editing with that instead.
3 months ago