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Hi Guys

Willie Shannon wrote:If I were to introduce BSFL into my majority sawdust compost pile, would they thrive? or would the heat be too much?

I have put handfuls of sawdust in my bsf composting units to help dry it when too wet and the bsfl did ok with it. I have never tried a majority sawdust unit. I use sawdust and wood chip to get the bsf pupae to hatch.

If i created a pile of say sawdust, rabbit manure and grass/straw would BSFL help to compost it?

The bsfl would love the rabbit manure and probably help just a little with the grass/straw and sawdust. I'm not sure if they will make a meal out of the sawdust but guess they wouldn't mind it being there. You could always pass what's left through worms to finish it off.

Steven Feil wrote:PLEASE define your acronyms before using them, just like when using pronouns. Makes it easier to follow the discussion.

BSF = Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens)

BSFL = Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Source: http://www.blacksoldierflyfarming.com/home/faq
7 years ago