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Recent posts by Ronaldo Montoya

Hi, i been reading lately about block chain and i just discovered the concept of asset tokenization in the blockchain.

I been thinking  about how can this be applied for impulsing and promoting forest gardens and ecological agriculture.
Im noobie with blockchain technology and im a little bit confused about the possibilities for ecological agriculture.  Thats why i write here...

How think this can be used for impulsing forest gardens?

Is there any people with knowledge of blockchain and tokenization here?

Imaging for example tokenizing individual trees in a forest garden. People can buy individual trees  when the forest garden is starting and then it would be possible to create benefit from the fruit the tree produces after some years.

I which ways can be tokenization be used to impulse edible forest gardens?

Any ideas on this?

2 years ago
2 pest that attack their monoculture lands are  phylloxera and oidium.

And is it true that my land can affect the fertility of their land?  How can that be possible?
2 years ago
Hi, in my land i let everything to grow and i have a lot of johnson grass . Some years ago somebody in this forum recomended me not to kill johnson grass until i replace it with another plants because it has a purpose.

Whats the purpose of johnson grass?
2 years ago
Hi,  some years ago i started a forest garden. I just let everything grow to study the plants , i planted some pionner trees and then let everything grow.  SOme time later my land became full of native plants and a lot of plants that locals call "bad weed" and that they usually kill with  herbicides but for me they are not "bad weed" some of them are nitrogen fixers  and meet different ecological functions.
Next to my land there are other lands where people cultivate grapes( a monoculture using hervicides and in a non-ecological way)  for wine production.
A few days ago one of the owners of these lands told me that letting everything to grow in my land is bad for their monoculture land because my land generates insects and pest that spread to their land infecting their plants.  But my land is full of different plants in a chaotic way... I told then i dont think thats true because "biodiversity generates resilience".  

They want me to put herbicides in my land because they say my herbs affects in a negative way their grape production.

What do you think?  Is it true what they say that having a lot of plants  ( a lot of what they call bad weed) affects negatively their land?

They also say that my land not only spread diseases and insects to their land but also that it affect the fertility of their land.  Can this be possible?  Having a chaotic full of plants and herbs land next to a monoculture affects negatively the production of the monoculture?

What do you think? And what do you recommend?
In what way my land affect my neighbours?  Are they right or wrong?

Thanks in advance

2 years ago
Hi , can anybody please tell me which plants are these?

They just grow spontaneously in my pots.
I would like to know if they are edible. Thanks

4 years ago
Hi, im in spain at these moment ,in my flat i have a big.balcony.where.i have some.big.pots with sabila and other non useful plants.

I want to plant edible.plants , so.i bought some seeds of basil but the package says that one should plant the end.of spring.

At these moment im in spain and here the summer is ending.
So i have two.questions , what happens if.i plant.the seeds.of.basil at these moment?


Which you recommend me to plant at.this time of the year that can be edible?
4 years ago
Hi , i have a pot with a plant which i dont know.which plant it is.
I killed the plant because i want to use it the pot.for.planting another plant, when i take of the plant from the soil i.realized that the roots have some wierd  stuff like small.balloons. Do anybody know what.are.these ballons? Are they nitrogen fixer nodules? Ive seen before.nitrogen fixer nodules but they are.much smaller. Any idea.what are.these ballons and.which plant is it?
4 years ago
Hi , this plants is growing in a pot . Do you know which plant is it? Is it edible?

4 years ago
It has passed 10 days and the plant still look brown, i have irrigated twice but it didnt get any better.

Any idea?
Here is a pic of the plant.
I planted 2 little aloe vera in a big pot as you can see.

4 years ago
Hi, im from peru but im.staying in barcelona for some months . In my friends house i found some abandoned pot with plants growing on them.

They look very similar than verdolaga (postulaca oleracea) but it not exactly the same as the verdolaga it grows in peru. The difference is that the verdolaga that grows in peru has the leaves fatter and this plant here in spain that looks like verdolaga is exactly the same with the only difference that the leaves are thinner... the leaves doenst have that much meat as the leaves of verdolaga growing in peru.

What do you think? Do you think it is verdolaga? Or maybe is a plant that is family of verdolaga?
I been eating this plant here in spain because i have a lot of abandoned pot full of this plant and i didnt had any stomach problems but i think the taste is also a little bit different. I think verdolaga from peru is a little bit more acid.

Here is a pic of this plant. Do you think it is verdolaga?
4 years ago