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Hi there..
New to Permies but thought I would jump in this thread feet first as I have a yard filled with wicking beds & barrels..

Mark Livett wrote:I only just found out about them myself recently, I am not sure how long the modern ones have been running for but I would assume that the earth would need replenishing or the roots would need to be dug out eventually.

We have had some of our beds in for 4 or so years & they are still going strong.. We mainly plant annuals but treat some eggplant & chillies as perennials & have never had a problem with roots blocking up the pipe work.. We have red wrigglers in there as well so I think that any old roots are taken care of by the worms.. Every new seedling gets a healthy dose of vermicast placed under it when it goes in & the beds are now top dressed with a mix of vermicast, horse manure & mulch every new season.. We live in a subtropical region so have 2 seasons, HOT & cold so we grow year round

I post a bit on YouTube to help keep my sanity (stay at home dad) & have a play list of our wicking adventures if your interested..
Rob's You Tube Wicking beds, barrels & IBC play list..

Hope that helps some growers out there..
7 years ago