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David thanks for the response. I am primarily growing it for grapes I'd say, unless there are other uses for it that I haven't learned about yet. The vines are maybe 3-4 ft at the longest right now.
I've started doing this by using lag shields and eye bolts . What do I do with the shorter vines that are growing "away" from the wall? Do I wait till they get longer and curve them towards the wall? Or just prune them?

I was doing my rounds this morning and noticed something on my apple tree. Should I be worried?

I'm still very new at this. This is a Granny Smith apple tree that I've had in the ground for 3 months.

Thank you
8 years ago
Will the sweet potato out compete my blueberry and raspberry bushes as well?
8 years ago
So just pulling it out is proving to be a challenge. My soil is so compacted that the grass is ripping out of the ground and pulling little to no root matter. My friend has one of those blow torch weeders, would that work? Or is there any other method to get rid of it. Would digging it out be a better idea?
8 years ago
Oic, lol I didn't even realize that. Must be a thing with my phone
I'm not familiar with Australia and have missed your meaning
Wow, that looks beautiful!

I hope I can get my backyard to something that even comes close.

Thanks for the sites ill look into getting some seed.

As for the weeds, I need to start the id process. Presently I stopped pulling any of it out an just chopping and dropping it.
8 years ago
Hi Rick!

Thanks for the response. Ill get to work on that Bermuda grass. Do you have any suggestions on how one might acquire some of those seeds? I don't think I've noticed it at any of the nurseries that I've started going to.

Thank you!
8 years ago
Hi Miles,

I'm located in tucson, az zone 9.

I'm aware that I need to start building my soil. I've started to add all my green waste to a small pile, that has been building up to somewhat of a compost pile.

I've stopped pulling my "weeds" from the ground an have just even chopping them and dropping them.

I've also started watering from my 90 gallon, and 75 gallon cichlid aquariums when I do water changes.

I have another post that I'm waiting for a response on as to whether chop and drop from my african sumac would be detrimental due to whatever oil they may contain.

Thanks for your input!