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I've wondered of the real cause of heat related rabbit death was the temps messing up the flora in their rumen.
The change to more geen roughage would cause a bias in which bacteria multiplied, seemingly correcting the temperature bias.
6 years ago
I put DE in my rabbit feed and sprinkle some directly on them.
6 years ago
I agree, first check for worms.
Second, how does their poo look?
They may not be getting enough fiber.
Third, check for mold.
6 years ago
How does the taste compare to rabbit?
6 years ago
I've been wanting to do this but didn't like the battery acid.
Should be spare eggs from the new chickens when my next batch of buns is ready to be "moved to the freezer"
6 years ago
Do you have an update?
I bought some cheap LEDs from
Added an old PC power supply.
After about a week of sun plus light for 14hrs a day, they were ready to "go".
32 days later out popped 8 from one doe and 7 big ones from the other.
6 years ago
We decided to go with Florida Whites.
Mathematically they have the second best feed:meat ratio (CA/NZW being the highest)
The deciding factor for us is they are a smaller rabbit (4-5lbs vs 6-8lbs)
Since there are only two of us they make a perfect meal with no need to refrigerate (ie, no electricity)
6 years ago