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I am probably a cat, very, very curious about many things, love to play and romp about, and I love tasty little meaty morsels.

I would like to be a wild horse so I can run really fast and feel the wind in my hair, they are gregarious and have social order. They see only in shades of grey but seem to enjoy life for the most part.

I would not want to be an ant, too structured of a life for me.

3 years ago
Thank you both for the help. I thought I also saw a link to rich soil is there a way to post on there?

Have been busy but am going to work on posting to the Pdx Permie site next and thank you for merging my posts.

Thank you, I found it and made a page!


I have had the gift of living in the most beautiful place for the last 10 years but now my family situation has changed and I am choosing to move so must sell my farm.

I am hoping for some input, advice, suggestions, etc. with some of the "Permaculture" ideas that I had for my property (and haven't completed yet) that others see as "a mess".

First, here is the link to the farm, it is listed for 950K and is 40 acres on 2 tax lots. There is a 3,800 sq ft farmhouse with an indoor pool and a huge shop (60' x 60'?) with a 1,440 sq ft apartment, those are all fine.... the issue is the grounds that were logged in the summer of 2012 due to having an old growth Red Alder forest that was dying, there was also Maple and some Fir. I had the loggers leave all the slash piles and some extra logs so we could buy an excavator and make hugelbeds with them to plant food forests, a permaculture orchard (did the kickstarter for the video), gardens, medicinal herbs for us and livestock, barley seed for livestock fodder, etc.

Also Blackberries have since sprung up in some areas, but so did 3 acres of tall straight as could be Mullein (where I had the pigs and goats confined during the logging and the winter after so the ground was cleared and fertilized), Alder is starting to come back but to most Realtors (we are near Portland, OR and most Realtors think a farm should be flat and look like a horse ranch) they think it was just left as a mess and they don't "get it". The Blackberries, Maple stumps and other browse I see as food for goats, sheep and pigs and that land can be cleared with intensive grazing when ready.

For the entire time I have lived here I have also been very diligent about NO CHEMICALS on my land, in my house or down the drain...we have a wonderful 525 ft well with crystal clear delicious water so I realized right away when I moved here that anything we put in the ground, on the house or down the drain would end up in our drinking water and poison us.

I don't have organic certification but the soil is beautiful and fertile and there are magnificent views of Mt. Hood and the Sandy River Basin or other farm land every direction you look (video was done on a cloudy day so you can't see the Mt. but it is very large and close).

The biggest issue / question I have is that the Realtors who are used to selling "perfect" looking grass that has been poisoned with chemicals come out here and they don't see the value of the rich fertile soil, the rotting wood ready for hugelbeds, forage for livestock and all the wonderful native medicinal plants and herbs that we have growing here to heal us.

There is a couple looking to do organic mushroom farming on the property (hello, 40 acres of alder here!) and claims they understand permaculture but their Realtor keeps telling them the value isn't there....any ideas on how to quantify the value of chemical free soil, wood ready for hugelbeds, native plants, wild crafted herbs, etc.?

I currently have 26 American Guinea Hogs (plus 15-20 piglets), 7 goats, 20 chickens and 3 Turkeys that help keep the brush down and I was building a much larger dairy goat herd for brush control before my situation changed and I had to sell all my does due to new time constraints.

The property has 6 strand hi-tensile electric fencing on the perimeter and is also crossed fenced long ways with some more cross fencing near the barn, we have wonderful water (it will flow all day at full speed), tons of electricity here (6 electrical panels), a 20,000 KW back up generator and we are now in the Clackamas County zoning approved for Wholesale production and processing of Medical Marijuana....

I think my Realtor did her due diligence in coming up with good comps (hard to find one with an indoor pool in Oregon) and I feel the property is priced very fair if not a little under value, but how do we help the other Realtor's see this value if they are clueless to anything about Permaculture or do you all feel we are asking too much as well?

Any and all feedback is welcome as I am looking for outside opinions...I already know what I think! LOL....