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Recent posts by scott romack

Matt, this is great.
I'm assuming equal parts each unless I hear otherwise.


Jesse Cox wrote:What percentage of each plant do you recommend?

1 year ago

Does anyone know of a community or potential community in East Texas?
I joined the MeWe group so an answer there is ok also.

Peace to all
5 years ago


I am interested. What is the status on the land purchase and how much land is used on each homestead?
6 years ago

Leif ing wrote:So, what updates to this thread? As a Christian and a new wannabe farmer/permie in the KC area, I am interested in how this goes. Would like to meet others around to learn from, but that might be hard with my Sun/Mon weekend. Looking for an alternative to the corporate rat race though... working on paying off debts this year, and trying to get something started in my backyard (about 1/6 acre back there.)

The dream is still alive although taking too long. I have had a couple of folks contact me with some interest and the area with most people Is actually in your area there near KC. I am flipping a house here in TX and will be ready to do something soon (not soon enough).
6 years ago

Jon Marc Harshbarger wrote:Love this thread.  It seems as though there are more of us (Christian permies looking for community) out there than I once thought   I have land in upstate new York that has amazing potential (yes, I know, Upstate New York??)  It is 60 acres that was once used as a heritage farm meant to show farm life in the late nineteenth century.  It still has many of the original buildings, although they are in need of attention.  There is a cider press building, small blacksmith shop, sugar shack etc...  Anyway,  I wish more of you like-minded, Christian agrarian folks lived nearby.

That sounds amazing but yeah Upstate New York sounds like an interesting place for a community. Do you own the land or paying on it?
6 years ago
Hello all,

Sorry the conversation shifted to facebook but I think this is a better place for it.

There is interest in a few different locations that I will briefly list;

Near Kansas City Mo.
One brother is actively searching for land to LEASE so housing is to be semi-permanent which is kind of bad inmho.

Near Austin
I have a very visionary friend that wants to build an urban community north of austin - again, for me too close to the city.

Somewhere in TX
Several properties are popping up along with some interested folks with skills and perhaps a little money..
I am leaning this way and may even invest to get the community going while still working here in town... (what a great guy.. lol)

My timeline has moved once again and am looking at one more year here in the salt mines.

I hope all are well and God Bless,,

7 years ago

Tara Sanders wrote:Hello,
I have been looking to do something very similar to the community you are looking to create.  I am able to invest and purchase now as well.  I am very sensitive to chemicals and EMFs (especially wireless devices)...


Sorry for slow response.
Wifi is bad for everyone and I would love to get away from it as well. I would be all for plug in only internet..

God Bless,
7 years ago

Elijah Kim wrote:So I was talking with my wife about this last night and she raised a good point... If you just open the doors in winter and let the water freeze in place, all the veggies you have in the cellar would freeze too! Unless your using it only for cooling thru the summer...

Good thought but not a deal breaker.
I would either have to move the veggies or the containers.

I am starting to lean towards moving the containers outside when the temps get below freezing. Something like 5gal plastic buckets some with clean water some with water/sawdust for internal insulation.
Moving buckets would be a chore but still better than cutting blocks of ice from a pond...

very cool..
7 years ago