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Was wondering what this dark speckling is. I see it on many different plant leaves this year.
If a problem, what is suggested?

1 week ago
Here's some more logic to think about.

If the gas in a stock vehicle was really getting vaporized thus completely burnt, why does the exhaust smell like gas?
Answer: because it is NOT. Even after the catalytic converter deals with the incomplete burn, the exhaust still smells.
So what's going on with the fuel? Is it really burning efficiently?

When the groove is properly applied, the engine exhaust has little to NO smell - similar to how a rocket mass heater exhaust has no smell but, a conventional stove will pollute the neighborhood.
Reason: The modification vaporizes the fuel more because there is more vacuum. The fuel burns much more efficiently in the cylinders. The catalytic converter is now out of a job but, the boss (ECU) says NO, you can't quit slave!
I'll make more work for you, I'll flood you with more gas bastard! This is why getting fuel economy gains is difficult. To get around this issue, people use EFIE's.

However, even if one doesn't get better economy, there's many worthwhile benefits:
No toxic exhaust
smoother running engine
longer lasting oil
better braking due to more vacuum in master cylinder
more power
2 months ago

Welcome, good points you bring up - here's some rebuttals.

This particular groove shape is a relatively new patent. ~2009 I believe
This goes beyond droplets & mist. The groove modification process helps to VAPORIZE the fuel.
Liquid fuel Vaporizes in a vacuum. This is the secret!

Yes, there are times when you want more fuel delivery even if it's not efficient.
At cold start up & under heavy demands. The O2 Sensors usually take several minutes to warm up and come on line so, startup isn't an issue.
Their normal function still happens with this modification. The inventor relies on properly functioning O2 sensors

If the fuel was under more vacuum(blocking the pcv) it would burn more efficiently thus less of that fuel would make it to the catalytic converter.
Instead of wastefully burning in the catalytic converter, it can be put to better use delivering power in the engine!
More vacuum = more "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, BLOW!"

The engine still breathes via the 'breather' which is the passive venting portion. If someone was worried about blocking the PCV, it's output can be relocated to a position BEFORE the throttle body so it doesn't interfere with the waveform created by the groove.

The ECU is designed to communicate with the fuel trims & catalytic converter via the O2 sensors among many other variables.
Once the ECU detects less fuel/heat in the catalytic converter, it does what it's programmed to do - add more fuel to satisfy the ECU's predetermined values!
This IS the problem when trying to get better fuel economy!

It was also brought to my attention by the inventor that the PCV allows condensation moisture into the engine oil leading to premature aging.

See the problem with knowledge is that it often leads to people quickly making up their minds instead of actually doing the experiments and observing. Observing is a vital permaculture concept.
This modification has been proven thousands of times over, look into the testimonials, get inspired, then prove to yourself.
2 months ago

julian Gerona wrote:... I see no torus in your publish diagram but rather turbulence.

Here's a 3D concept of my above 2D theory pic showing the torus waves. These are like smoke rings that roll on through.

2 months ago
Wanted to share some videos I came across which I found very inspiring.
This is in Russia but some videos are English.

Cabin built with logs from a windfall using minimal modern tools!
Many other interesting projects going on as well!

-Short video example:
-Longer video for more detail:

Here's his YouTube channel with English narration
5 months ago
I figured I should add my link to this post as well.
Very well documented with many nice pictures showing the construction thru to harvest!

Hugelkultur and Keyhole in One
6 months ago
Travis, you can groove chainsaws. Any gas engine pretty much
there are some rare cases you can't. Those would be systems that have complex air holes in which the groove may break into.

Gadgetman Fingerlakes modifies a Chainsaw!
6 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:

If it allowed a more complete burn, wouldnt the computer just add more gas to keep it rich? The more the tech succeeds, the more the computer fights to correct it. It seems that a tuner is in order to make it work. If a tuner is used, it nullifies the need since its doing the same thing. Making a leaner fuel mixture. So now your gain would not be the difference between stock and the gadget(tech), but the difference between a tuner and the gadget(tech)

Yes, unfortunately this is the case with many vehicles but, you still come out ahead a bit in spite of that. The computer is definitely preventing the full potential.
Honda vehicles are typically known to not show economy gains except, when you use an additional $50 device called a MAPster. This sends a less erratic signal to the computer which the Map sensor sees.
Since the groove creates a more extreme wave form than usual, some computers will not tolerate it. With the MAPster you get to keep your waveform, lie to the computer and get away with it.
It works, I have one. The only gripe I have is, my ECU will only tolerate a (-16) Long Term Fuel Trim, as soon as it goes to (-17) I get a lean fuel error code P0173. So I'm rather limited in my mpg gains.
I'm not interested in investing in an expensive EFIE device.

Regardless of whether you get mpg gains or not, you always get all the other benefits:
-less pollution
-more responsive & smooth engine
-cooler plenum temp.
-better braking power
-longer oil life
6 months ago
It's been noted that the plenum and, I believe also the exhaust manifold is cooler due to the groove modification, because of higher vacuum.
It seems there is nothing but good from this mod.
6 months ago
This engine mod is to engines as rocket mass heaters are to wood stoves. They both make much better use of the fuel while leaving little to no pollution.

For those that would like a technical video showing flow dynamics & turbulence - (the groove sounds to me like a 'trip wire' in rocket mass heater)
check this out. This modification is being taken very seriously by those in the know when it comes to engine mods. Mike (MPG) Holler.

Flow bench testing May 28 2012

For those that want proof that emissions are reduced check this out.
Before and after emissions

Convinced yet?
6 months ago