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Wanted to share some videos I came across which I found very inspiring.
This is in Russia but some videos are English.

Cabin built with logs from a windfall using minimal modern tools!
Many other interesting projects going on as well!

-Short video example:
-Longer video for more detail:

Here's his YouTube channel with English narration
1 month ago
I figured I should add my link to this post as well.
Very well documented with many nice pictures showing the construction thru to harvest!

Hugelkultur and Keyhole in One
2 months ago
Travis, you can groove chainsaws. Any gas engine pretty much
there are some rare cases you can't. Those would be systems that have complex air holes in which the groove may break into.

Gadgetman Fingerlakes modifies a Chainsaw!
3 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:

If it allowed a more complete burn, wouldnt the computer just add more gas to keep it rich? The more the tech succeeds, the more the computer fights to correct it. It seems that a tuner is in order to make it work. If a tuner is used, it nullifies the need since its doing the same thing. Making a leaner fuel mixture. So now your gain would not be the difference between stock and the gadget(tech), but the difference between a tuner and the gadget(tech)

Yes, unfortunately this is the case with many vehicles but, you still come out ahead a bit in spite of that. The computer is definitely preventing the full potential.
Honda vehicles are typically known to not show economy gains except, when you use an additional $50 device called a MAPster. This sends a less erratic signal to the computer which the Map sensor sees.
Since the groove creates a more extreme wave form than usual, some computers will not tolerate it. With the MAPster you get to keep your waveform, lie to the computer and get away with it.
It works, I have one. The only gripe I have is, my ECU will only tolerate a (-16) Long Term Fuel Trim, as soon as it goes to (-17) I get a lean fuel error code P0173. So I'm rather limited in my mpg gains.
I'm not interested in investing in an expensive EFIE device.

Regardless of whether you get mpg gains or not, you always get all the other benefits:
-less pollution
-more responsive & smooth engine
-cooler plenum temp.
-better braking power
-longer oil life
3 months ago
It's been noted that the plenum and, I believe also the exhaust manifold is cooler due to the groove modification, because of higher vacuum.
It seems there is nothing but good from this mod.
3 months ago
This engine mod is to engines as rocket mass heaters are to wood stoves. They both make much better use of the fuel while leaving little to no pollution.

For those that would like a technical video showing flow dynamics & turbulence - (the groove sounds to me like a 'trip wire' in rocket mass heater)
check this out. This modification is being taken very seriously by those in the know when it comes to engine mods. Mike (MPG) Holler.

Flow bench testing May 28 2012

For those that want proof that emissions are reduced check this out.
Before and after emissions

Convinced yet?
3 months ago

Peter VanDerWal wrote:If this actually worked, then the automakers would already build it in.  They have a big incentive to make engines that burn less fuel so they can meet federally mandated fuel economy.  They spend millions of dollars every year researching ways to do this.  Getting better fuel economy is why they are building so many hybrids now, hybrids cost a LOT more to build than non-hybrid vehicles.

Unless you are one of those people that think there is some big conspiracy by the automakers to avoid building cheaper, more profitable, vehicles.  Because, you know, everybody knows how much the automakers hate making bigger profits.

There's plenty of evidence to come to that very conclusion. I'd like someone to convince me that's not the case. I could be wrong but, I'm pretty sure the auto manufacturers have financial relations with the petroleum industry to sell more gas.
If that's the case then one could see how the auto industry is not really interested in making the most efficient engine. It would bad business for them and their over lords.
In a sane world where authorities were actually held responsible for doing the right thing instead of capitalizing off of consumers at the cost of polluting the planet, Then, I'd agree with you're comment.

This would be like saying "If the food in the grocery store contained chemicals that cause diseases then, the FDA wouldn't allow for them to be manufactured and sold"... "Because it's in the best interest to protect consumers from getting sick & health care would too much of a burden on the economy...ect.".
"If Rocket Mass Heaters / Stoves were more efficient than conventional wood stoves then, the EPA and heating industry would acknowledge this and ban the inefficient polluting traditional systems and herald the better design "

I can think of many more conspiratorial examples that prove the fact that what we are allowed to have is not the best possible.
planned obsolescence.
cheap tools
led & cfl lights
plastic taking over the oceans

Ok, enough being angry at bad guys, we need more bricks laid.

3 months ago
The inventor admits he doesn't know exactly what's going on but the theory is that on the intake strike of the engine the air passes over the groove and is forced into a vortex.
Not a vortex that has it's axis in line with the throttlebody bore diameter but instead think of a rolling smoke ring, a toroidal wave. It's said that the smoke rolling out of the heat riser down the bell of a rocket mass heater has this same "waveform".

Now when it's mentioned that the air gets packed into a tiny ball, he simply means that the groove creates a spin(vortex) - nothing new in scientific discoveries of how many natural phenomenon behave.
This pulse is forced to travel due to the vacuum created as the piston is pulling air in on it's intake stroke. An object in a particular motion(the induced vortex) will tend to stay in that formation until acted upon.
There are pulses because this waveform is acting dynamically with the intake strokes on all the pistons. When there isn't an intake stroke then, there's a change in vacuum hence the vortex ball expands apart.
It's very logical if you're willing to think it all through. It's a lot to grasp at first. I can't help to see this concept as an appropriate technology enhancement.

Now of course this doesn't always produce wonderful results without tweaking other things due to modern engine designs. The vacuum system has to be in excellent shape as this mod will amplify vacuum creating leaks in cracked lines for example.
The ECU needs to be reset and needs to slowly re-learn. It's possible that you might not get any fuel gains but, the engine always runs smoother, noticeable power, breaks work better, less or no smelly exhaust !

On engines without computer sensory, this mod produces easy 'right off the bat' results.
Generators, lawn mowers, some chainsaws, tractors etc. work great, no exhaust smell, smoother engine, longer gas run, more torque & horsepower.

Here's an image to help understand:

7 months ago
The main obstacle to obtaining excellent results is due to the ECU (computer). It is programmed to dump excessive gas in order to satisfy the sensors of the catalytic converter by design.
The excessive fuel is then burnt in the catalytic converter, essentially wasted because it's after your engine. this is similar to a traditional wood stove that wastes a lot of energy out the chimney.
This reason is generally safe as a modified engine could possibly run so lean that the engine becomes damaged. But there is a sweet spot that is safe, more economic and provides more power.
The groove creates more of a condition like a rocket mass heater. The fuel is allowed to burn more effectively where you actually need it!

Even though the fuel injectors create a mist of fuel this can be improved upon with higher vacuum created with the groove.  Mist isn't as efficient as Vapor. The groove helps to VAPORIZE the mist. Liquid doesn't burn very effectively but, vapor does.
Make better sense?

here's more evidence:

Aaron Murakami Reviews The Groove on his Subaru

Photos of the Groove Process: See attachments

7 months ago
Sorry for the late reply, been busy with composting, planting, cutting logs, harvesting berries etc. lately.

I should've added more info before. The following will explain it all pretty well and you will know exactly why the automobile companies will NOT jump on this.
It shall all make sense - Wacth this video!

How Does The Gadgetman Groove Work?

Gadgetman Groove at the Bedini-Lindemann 2012 Science & Technology Conference

7 months ago