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    5 days ago
    In the permaculture design manual, Chapter 7 - Water.
    there's a brilliant diagram of gutters (see the circled one in the attached pic.)

    Does this gutter design actually exist?
    IF so, where can it be purchased?
    Any experience with it?

    2 months ago
    I'm about to attempt my first Oehler style earth integrated structure, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    The poles, girders & beams are Larch timbers.

    My main concern as of now is on the shoring boards. I have access to rough cut 1x6 boards from a local hardwood sawmill.
    Species like: Beech, Maple, Oak etc.
    In Mike Oehler's underground book he mentions the use of softwoods ei. pine. for shoring.
    Am I correct in assuming that hardwood would be even better a choice? Perhaps hardwood would let me get away with thinner boards?

    Anyways, here's some 3d model views of the structure.
    2 months ago
    I currently cut down this tree in Pennsylvania - December 18th.
    No leaves on it to ID.

    Does anyone happen to know what it is?
    2 months ago
    I have access to Larch trees which were cut down in late winter 2017. They average in diameter by about 10 inches.
    They are propped up off the forest floor about 5 inches with the bark is still on. Have been there for about 9 months now.

    Some of them have been drug out of the forest into an open field to be picked up by a logging truck hopefully soon.
    These are off the ground about 5 inches as well. They now have access to full sunlight.

    I need to know if these will be alright to store as they are or should I do something else with them.

    My plans are to construct a wofati or Mike Oehler underground house using a large John Hait style umbrella to keep all the surrounding earth dry.


    Please watch this scientific explanation of water dowsing.
    No purple what so ever. Simple science - it should make sense.

    Knowing this info may make a good dowser out of one who thought otherwise.
    It's mentioned that a water dowser should know this info. if not, don't hire them.

    Water Locating, Water Well, Water-Witching, Magnetic truth

    Water Locating, Water Wells Part 1 of 4 "Where Should I Drill"



    6 months ago
    I was listening to Paul Wheaton on Diego Footer's  Permaculture Voices Podcast
    Titled: Hacking Kickstarter, PDCs, Haters, Failure, and Doing Epic S*** (V224)

    The subject of water dowsing was brought up and the idea of it not being scientific bothered me as I've learned otherwise.
    I want Paul and everyone to be aware of this explanation. It should makes sense.

    Please watch this short to-the-point scientific explanation:

    Water Locating, Water Well, Water-Witching, Magnetic truth

    Water Locating, Water Wells Part 1 of 4 "Where Should I Drill"

    6 months ago
    Hello all,

    I'm going to build an earth integrated structure as in Mike Oehler's  'The $50 and up underground house book'
    will be using John Hait's insulative umbrella concept as well.

    I'm having trouble with confidence in wood species to use however.

    I have access to about 20 Larch poles ranging in diameter of ~ 6" to 11". Lengths at 10ft. to 20ft.
    I also have on site Beech trees, Oaks & Maples.

    Mike mentions Larch as a good example however, I don't have enough Larch to do all the posts, beams & girders.
    Could Beech, Oak, and/or Maple be used successfully underground if treated somehow?

    I'm guessing that the insulative umbrella would significantly reduce wood rot right? In that case, does wood species matter so much?

    11 months ago