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My wife and I have been poo-less for years. 1 or 2 tablespoons of baking soda in an old Chinese take-out soup container, fill with the desired amount of water, poor into hair and beard and other hairy areas, and then rinse. Cleans your hair w/out stripping it of it's natural oils. Don't get me wrong, if your hair is nasty from not having washed it in a week and you've been working hard etc... it will no longer be all greasy and nasty after you wash it like this. Sometimes we splash some white vinegar in the soup container and dilute with water for another rinse, makes your hair softer, I usually don't because it's fine with just the baking soda.

My wife says she doesn't get split ends anymore, like ever. We're on city water.

As an aside, I use this Jungleman deodorant that I buy off amazon, it's just baking soda, palm oil (echo consciously sourced it claims), corn starch and tea tree oil. It's the best deodorant ever, doesn't smell like old man cologne, keeps me from stinking (I can be quite pungent w/out assistance), lasts for days, and it's cheap.

We also make our own dishwasher detergent from baking soda and washing soda, and our own laundry detergent from baking soda, washing soda, and borax. All work well.
3 years ago
Old tires work good for that. Plus, Fiskars super splitting axe, just as effective as a maul with far less effort.
5 years ago
I'm also interested in the shipable core business. Really, I'm interested simply creating castable cores for myself and whomever else wants one. I've started putting together a jig/mold to use with some of the "common" castable refractory stuff available around here, i.e. the Red Devil and Rutland stuff, and I'm gonna see how that works out. I think I'm going to try mixing perlite into pre-mixed refractory cement as well re: some threads on other sites about making your own kilns and forges. I'd be in the process of constructing a RMH for my house but it's doubtful, or rather, hopeful on my part that we're not going to keep this house for too long, and whereas the Wood Stove we have now is seen as a boon to the Realtors, trying to explain/sell an RMH to your average Dick and Jane buying a house just ain't gonna fly, especially were I to bypass the permitting process...

Anyway, aside from my castable project, I've been carting around a trunk load of bricks in my car lately and rigging up cores at our family and friend functions. Most of my family and friends are of similar mindset re: heating with wood, and most of us spend a considerable amount of time cutting and splitting wood, so I've built up some decent interest in RMH's already.

So, re: Ernie and Erica's designs, would you want a percentage of every core sold? Like a royalty? That would be cool. At least until things were to get off the ground, then other arrangements could be made if need be

Anyway, I have some questions about burn tunnels and heat risers, the answers are probably around here. Yup they were. So, is small scale casting, at least to start with, something that Ernie and Erica are interested in supplying a design to?

Also, I do have access to rather large kilns, but I'm going to try this out by drying and firing on my own property first.

5 years ago
Ditto, I too was wondering why they didn't just have a bottom on it, seems it would alleviate most of the exploding cement issues.
5 years ago
My father-in-law dropped off some "good firewood" because he's moving. It's not so good firewood. There's a a bunch of 4' lengths of some kind of maple and a few willow lengths, there's some maple rounds and piece or two of Ash. There's a little over a cord. I've no place to put in another bed right now.

If interested send me a private message and I'll give you the deets
5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:So when I give you access to a video on vimeo, do you get an email?

No, it just shows up on your profile and let's you watch it.
Watching the Fire Science - Full DVD right now on Vimeo, thanks for all the effort Paul and I'm looking forward to the other DVDs whenever you get around to putting them up.
now following you on Vimeo
I just found in youtube where you can verify your account and I did that, maybe it makes a difference. Instead of wasting anymore of Paul's time maybe we can identify a correlation, people who got the shared videos correctly, was your account verified? Those of us who haven't? In Youtube, navigate to Settings and then View Additional Features