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Kacy Wallace

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since Jun 20, 2013
Austin, Texas
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I just had to remove all of the fiberglass insulation from under my pier and beam Cabin in the Ozarks.  It was held up next to the subfloor with black poly.  It was a huge mistake.  Trapped water/moisture and also provided ample nesting/breeding ground for mice. I replaced it with bubble foil like this guy's video:  So far, so good.  I would highly recommend it and will be using it for other floor construction.
2 months ago

James Freyr wrote:Hi Tirzah, thanks for your thoughts and insights on the subject. Guineas will be our first new addition aside from our current small flock of chickens when we move to the farm next year. I realize ticks are just gonna be a part of life out there, but I'm hoping to lower their numbers as the years go by. I believe just by regular mowing around the house and gardens that will help in those localized areas at least. It's just gonna take time.

Hi James,

Any update on the progress of your efforts?
6 months ago
Thanks for the response Rodd!

Tyler - those Axis are other-worldly looking!
1 year ago
Thanks Anne,

I am familiar with the public hunting opportunities near Austin. Unfortunately, none of them are that great.  Somerville is the only option that you don't have to be drawn for and it gets so much hunting pressure that it is hardly worth it.
1 year ago
Great lead Wayne! They do allow hunting. Archery and rifle.  the Permit is $125
1 year ago

My family and I have recently decided that we will no longer support unethical meat production.  We have stopped buying meat for the time being (although I'm open to procuring meat from a permaculture farm).  As such, our only meat these days comes from what I can procure hunting.  Unfortunately, hunting in Texas is a little difficult due to a shortage of public lands.  so, my question is: does anybody hear have a farm near Austin, Texas with a deer problem?  Could it be that your problem is my solution!?!  

I am a very responsible hunter and use a compound bow.  Safety is paramount.  Please reach out if you know of any opportunities.  I am happy to lend a hand on the farm and/or share the harvest.

1 year ago
Wow! Thanks Catie! Tons of good info.

I'm living in Chicago now, but lived in Ontario for a decade before. I can definitely appreciate your advice on the bugs.

From what i understand, my part of the trail mainly sees snowmobilers. I'm at the northern terminus so that may cut down on some traffic.

Were you in the madawaska river valley?

One thing that has given me some hope on apples specifically is that there are several existing trees on the property.
2 years ago
William - yes, rising waters is definitely something I'm keeping an eye on. Although, the property is pretty high up in the north western end. I've heard from the previous owner that the spring thaw doesn't affect the creek level too much and he had never seen water get near the old rd bed.

It gets much lower towards the south eastern end. I'm thinking that could be harnessed, just not sure how yet. The permaculture designer's manual shows two tree patterns along a creek. One fans out along the flow of the creek and causes flood waters and sediment to be deposited on the floodplain. The other narrows in along the flow of the creek and speeds up the flow resulting in scour holes.

I think the former would be good for trees that can handle periodic flooding (shagbark hickory?) and the latter would be good for fish habitat.

Tyler - i like that strategy a lot. Had any success with it?
2 years ago
Thanks Benji, Tyler and Eric!

Tyler - what's your process for planting seeds? Do you geminate before planting?

I collected a ton of seeds this past summer on backpacking trips and at the local arboretum.  I have shagbark hickory, black walnut, hackberry, Chinese Chestnut, Manchurian walnut and butternut. I also contacted the Geneva Agricultural Experiment Station in NY and  they sent me 100 free seeds from the wild Kazakhstan apples they planted.
2 years ago