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since Jun 20, 2013
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Recent posts by kelly marie

Hi everyone!
I am new here as of today. I have been watching the videos and would like
some input as to which type of buildings work best for the rainy Willamette Valley
here in Oregon. (I am in the outlying Eugene area)

Also to see if there are people out there that can guide me and
help me in building. This may not be a "right now" project as the property is
not ready for any building yet.

As a newbie but an 51 year old half hippie type, I am wondering if I
will be getting started on this project too late in my life! Looking at the
videos of the cob houses, I am emotional about it. It is the way I want
to spend the rest of my life, but at this point bound to a 12 hour a
day job and needing a change...input please!
10 years ago
I am new here as of today!
I am looking forward to your input.
I am not new to gardening, but I am new to doing
any gardening that has a real plan to it. I just simply
put plants into the ground and water them when I remember.
But that is in need of changing!
Hopefully you can help me with this change in my life!
10 years ago