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There are a few buildings in place. It will be classified as an Planned Urban Development. It is located near a small hamlet were they are seeking revitalization. We will be building the town center around the original hamlet buildings. To administer a rural agriculture community there has to rules set down so residence do the work when and how, so that is why there has to be HOA. Even in co-housing communities there are rules and standards with its members have come to compromise and agreement. This community will be setup as a Land Trust - Cooperative - Cohousing. Many places do not allow you to grow your own food and create mirco-enterprise (local made goods) This village is being set as a place, were the spirit homesteading is allowed. So you can farm, get all your food and practice your craft. Classical and Tradition Architecture is the original Green Building.
4 years ago
I am going to speak on this topic from a practical perspective as an architect/design professional. First you need to decide is this a mobile home, trailer or permanent home. As a permanent structure I would not recommend anything less 350 to 400 SF due light and vent for health reason. There were tons of studies done in the early part of the twentieth century that came from tenement housing by public health agencies and US Coast Guard. The essential information found was that for an occupancy of 4 you would need:
1 room of 150 SF which is about a (10 x 15 feet) for sitting, eating, cooking, sleeping berth for 1
1 room of 100 SF for two adults
1 bathroom compact 25 SF with toilet, Lav, Compact shower/tub and combo washer/dryer
1 Sleeping berth for 1 at 75 SF with closet and MEP storage
Which brings you to 350 SF

For a mobile home your weight is your enemy. You will need to calculate the weight of everything. To pull the entire house you should not exceed about 8000 pounds. In your case with two people in a mobile setup
you would need:

Common space 150 SF
1 Bathroom 25SF
Sleeping Berth 75 SF

Which would put you a 250 SF
With a base trailer foot print of 175 to 190 SF with the balance of SF lofted.
4 years ago
Please contact me via private email and I will discuss.

4 years ago
Dear Friends:

We are in the process of Developing a self sustaining village in Southern Wisconsin. The development will be a cooperative / co-housing community and be Community Sponsored Agriculture / Development on 1200 acres. It will contain the following:

Town Center:
Food Processing (Taverna): Cannery, Dairy, Winery, Meat, Beer, Distillery, Fish, Smokehouse, Oil's, Flour Mill
Artisan Crafts
Holistic Health Center
Farm to Table Restaurant and Culinary Center

Community Permaculture Farm :
With all the outbuildings

Residential Homes:

Mirco Apartments 400 to 600 SF
Cottage Homes 700 to 900 SF
Village Homes 1000 to 1500 SF
Manor Homes 1600 to 2200 SF

All building material will come from whole salvaged historic building dismantled and reassembled onsite to building code standards. New material will come from onsite or within 10 radius. There will be creative and conventional terms offered. All who are interested please contact us for more information.
4 years ago