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I'll go ahead and shorten the bench a bit like you say.

Today I decided I was going to burn off all the paint from my barrels.

I set the green barrel up on 3 fire bricks to allow some air underneath and filled it full of a couple old branchs

This got freakishly hot quick.  The paint started smoking off the barrel.

Then it started to turn black

and then the outside spontaneously caught on fire....

I started burning the bottom section when the fire was ridiculous

Moved everything around and burnt the lid off

I took the lid off and set it on the ground, the ground immediately caught on fire

The key to all this was when it was good and hot, I blasted it with the water hose.  This shocked it enough that every bit of paint just shot right off.  Although a good hot fire helped too.  Even though I'm hitting it with water, you can see the bottom of the barrel is still orange....

This is what the hose did, compared to the paint you still see on the left side that hasn't been hit with water yet.

The whole process of burning the barrels went super quick, like 30 minutes tops, including cutting all the wood.

I had it in my mind I was going to paint the barrel with hightemp paint, but I estimated I would need about 60 dollars worth to do it right with primer and everything.  I opted to just cover it with coconut oil(free and didn't use very much at all), which I'm glad I did because it was a major time saver.  I coated the whole thing and was done in 5 minutes.  If I painted that it would have taken me hours

Finished barrels

13 hours ago
On the side that makes the 180, I had intended to make the bench all the way to the wall. I'm envisioning leaning up against the wall sitting on the bench with a book and then laying down to take a nap.

In it's current configuration the tee is about 18 inches from the wall. I could shorten each tube 2 foot and be at 51. Would it be too much bench to be built up to the wall with no pipe in it that far?  That's a strange sounding question.  Basically do I have to shorten the bench if I make those pipes shorter or is it ok to have a bench with no pipes in part?  That's why i did the tee plus the 90, because i didn't envision having access to that side for cleaning.

I'm not sure how much cleaning is required in the tubes, but what I had in mind was just using a fishtape for pulling electrical  wires and pulling a brush through.
May I ask for some opinions of the exhaust tubing through the bench?  The book says for an 8 inch system, the max is 50 feet of horizontal tubing.  Subtract 5 feet for each 90 and if your exhaust flue pipe is next to the barrel and mostly inside you can add back 10 feet. 

The way I have this mocked up, I have about 30 feet of horizontal pipe.  I have 5  "90's"  So that puts me at 55 feet.  

My intended exhaust flue pipe is not super close the barrel, about 20 inches away, but will stay inside the building and heated area for 14.5 feet before exiting the roof.   The ridgeline of the roof is about 17 feet, so I will need probably 5-6 feet out in the cold exterior temperatures to get 2 feet higher then the peak.

Do you think this is too much horizontal to draft well and be reliable?  Should I reduce it's length?

Here's some general pictures

I'm using a 90 to sort of step down out of the barrel so that there will be plenty of a gap to the top of the bench to prevent overheating the top.  I did NOT figure this 90 into the calculation for feet of ducting because it doesn't change the direction of the flow really.  Perhaps I should?

Please tell me what you think about the overall length and layout.  I intend to put a "T" into the pipe upward to the roof and use black fireplace pipe, so its really just a rough mockup....
I went to school to become an automotive technician, got my associate's and worked in the field for 12 years. You don't have to have an associate's to fixcard, you do have to have it if you want to teach.  Now I teach automotive technology at the very school I left. Have every summer off.  My brother got a masters degree in mathematics and teaches at the university level.  I make more money per year then my brother does teaching, with far less invested in my education, because the skill I have to teach is unique and very high in demand.  Anyone can teach math....

Find something you think you will enjoy for a awhile and go for it. It doesn't have to be a a forever career, but any practical skill you gain will help you in your endeavors. 

Welding, HVAC, construction, automotive can all be very lucrative careers.
2 days ago
Definately go to school!  Homesteading will cost you a fortune. You need a good job to save money. I would never recommend a 4 year school but a trade school for an associate's in something practical and valuable will pay you back ten fold. 
2 days ago
I went to weld everything together today.......what a disaster

I marked everything and ground all the paint off of the areas to be welded

Using my scrap barrel as a bench, I tack welded everything in place

That's when everything went to hell.

I first tried mig welding it.  I kept blowing holes through the 8 inch pipe no matter what I did.  Then I tried oxy acetylene welding it.  That was working fine, but taking FOREVER.

I decided to try brazing it to see what would happen.  Worked AWESOME!  I wish I would have went straight for brazing.  The braze flowed perfect.

I brazed inside and out, the hardest part was patching all the holes I made with the welder.... uhg

Cut out the pipe and the ground it smooth

Mocked up

Pictures of the transition

2 days ago
My neighbor invented something similar for his L shaped rocket cook stove.  He puts a piece of 3/4 black iron pipe inside the wood feed with a 90 fitting the end.  Says it runs better that way.  The guys never seen the internet so it's interesting how people can come up with the same ideas on different ends of the world.
2 days ago
Ok I understand the channel. What do you mean by a trip wire?
3 days ago
Hey Satamax. (Edited to correct your name, so sorry) My burn tunnel is the opposite a touch too short. The plans call for 7 by 7.5 inches and I have 6.5 by 7.5 inches.

I don't understand what this p channel is that you speak of. Could you please elaborate?
3 days ago
For my transition/manifold, I decided to stray from the book.  There is a thread in this forum about this subject.  The one that makes the most sense to me, is the one presented by Ralf Siepmann.  You get to eliminate the first "T" and from everything I read on the donkey boards, the transition really should be massive, its a major problem for new builder not being large enough. Ralf was kind enough to send me his program for calculating the pipe angles, however this poor Missouri boy had a tough time with it.  This is the show me state, so unless I see it in front of me, it's doesn't work well.  I went with the only way I knew how.  I practiced twice on my extra scrap of barrel to make sure this was going to work. I figured the biggest transition would be with the pipe half in and half out of the barrel, so I went ahead and cut an 8 inch groove 14 inches long and then marked each end with the pipe to see how it would all fit at first.  I chose 14 inches simply because that was the length of my ruler

As you can see if fits in the barrel like so...

The cut just isn't close enough to weld together

Using a super lame, but effective method, I marked the barrel where it was closest to my 8 inch tube.  This ended up being 10.5 inches. I then cut some paper to match the contour of the pipe and made a template out of cardboard.

I went ahead and laid everything out on my manifold barrel using my new template and new length at 10.5 inches

And then cut to fit

Plenty close for welding

I'll get it all welded up tomorrow!

3 days ago