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Definitely look into developing the spring. If you have water coming out of the ground do not even consider digging to look for more water. You already have what your looking for at the surface.
1 week ago
I know this is old but placing here for information. I just felt with two sheep that had scours /diarrhea. The vet ran fecal tests and found high levels of coccidia and gave them the medication Corid (readily available over the counter) for five days. Fixed them up completely.

A side effect of the medicine was photosensitivity and mucousy eyes but it cleared up when they were no longer On the medicine
1 week ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:

Eric Hammond wrote:If you just want rid of it, mix it with your motor oil from and oil change and take it to the auto parts store for recycling.

I hope nobody will do this. That's a highly flammable mix, and handing it off as used motor oil could put people in danger.  My 2c.

This is how it gets handled all the time in the automotive world.
1 month ago
If you just want rid of it, mix it with your motor oil from and oil change and take it to the auto parts store for recycling.
1 month ago
How many calories do you think are in an acorn squash if you ate all the seeds and everything?  I grew a couple last year for the first time and have stored them for six months and I’m eating them today. I’m excited about the potential of them.
I can’t imagine sparks coming out of one, you can always put a screen around it, just like spark arrestors  on a chainsaw. On a regular wood stove the screens get plugged up often from creosote, but I can’t imagine this happening on a rmh
4 months ago
Has anyone done any experimenting on this since?  I am seeing used tire mountains popping up everywhere around here. It's super tough for automotive shops to get rid of them, we need to come up with a solution to tire pollution quick. I've never seen it like this!
6 months ago
I ran out of sand today!!! I'm going to have to get more. If you remember I bought 2 tons!  I've been mixing roughly equal parts sand, clay and rock.  I know it's rough math but if I used 4000 lbs of sand and that was only a third of the mix, so I reckon the bench is roughly 12,000 lbs now!

The bench is getting super close!!! I have a lot of it up to the finished surface!

I had put a faint blue chalk line on the wall years ago to build the surface up to.

Can't have too many rocks....

Look at this beauty!

6 months ago
RMH heater failure and maintenance.  Since there really is no moving parts, its hard for things to break.  However during use I had a fire brick crack.  The book warns about this first brick cracking and that you should design your stove for easy replacement.  Honestly it's been cracked for a couple years now and I dreaded replacing it, and its been working fine, but if you touch it, its for sure a loose brick.  No better time then now to replace it.

I took a small screwdriver and chiseled out a bit of the cob

I worked the top brick out with a screw driver.

Cracked brick out

I chiseled out a bit more cob to slide the next brick in.  I used no mortar, I just cleaned everything up with a shop vac and set the brick in place and started cobbing it in place

Top brick in


Best part of a RMH, roaring fire inside and nothing outside....

It's probably best I went ahead and replaced it.  The brick actually had 3 cracks.

6 months ago