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I've often said the best part of living in the country is the ability to start anything on fire, whenever you feel like doing it........bahaha, there is nothing more stress relieving then lighting something on fire.
2 weeks ago
Mulberries are a weed around here, there are literally hundreds on my property. I cut a lot of mulberry at any point in time. If you cut a 6 inch branch inJuly, it's just going to grow a ton of sprouts. You can't kill these things. Brush hogging over a tree just turns it into a berry bush.

Do not fret about cutting mulberry any time of the year!
4 weeks ago

Nik Efs wrote:Hi to everybody, I am new in this forum and this is my first post.

I am trying to built a rocket stove for indoors heating and I have come up with a design that looks pretty good and functional. However I builted the stove and I realised that is not working properly. It needs redisgn but I dont know the causes and the mechanics around the problematic airflow.

So I am trying to introduce my design
Picture A shows the dimensions of the burner. I have installed a glass window in front but is always closed. The feeding of the wood comes from the top right
Picture B shows how the burner is supposed to work... and it works exactly like this (rocket effect).
Picture C shows the final design of my rocket stove with the outer shell installed.
Picture D shows how the rocket stove works with outer shell installed. The airflow operates completely in reverse.

Does anybody knows why this happen? It is all about physics and I don’t have too much knowledge on it.

Your dimensions are incorrect.  The heat riser should be a minimum of 3 times longer then your wood feed tube.  If your wood feed is 16 inches, your heat riser should be 48 inches minimum
3 months ago
I think I'm sold on the whole idea. I already plumbed a propane line from my big tank for a generator.  I'll get a nice pad and shed built before I make the purchase. Now I need to rack my brain so I can come up with a way to auto start stop it off an outback inverter
4 months ago
Engines that run on propane are super clean, the oil hardly gets dirty. They will get a little moisture in the oil so it's good to warm them up completely every once and a while to cook the moisture out. Other then that, propane doesn't go bad like gasoline. Its ideal fuel for storage.  There is a bit less btus in a gallon of propane compared to gas so fuel consumption is a bit higher and generally generator output can be reduced a bit
4 months ago
That's awesome. How does propane stop flowing to the generator when you turn it off? Something in the regulator?
4 months ago
How's the harbor freight generator doing? Any updates? I'm strongly considering purchasing one.
4 months ago
Its definitely a lack of fish problem.  I dug a pond going on 3 years ago now. Its had ducks from the beginning. Its been fun watching it go through evolution. Frogs were the first to arrive. Last year it got overrun with snails and leeches! We only noticed because tadpoles were dying at an alarming rate and after investigating the tadpoles were covered with leeches. Thousands of them were dying.  I guess they come in on bird feet and start reproducing.  I put 25 red ear perch and 25 hybrid blue gill along with 2 lbs of fat head minnows in the pond and all the leeches are gone, some snails are there but much more controlled.  I did not give the fish any habitat because I could not justifying putting anything into this hole I paid to have material taken out of lol!
5 months ago
When I typically run my rmh, the top of the barrel is between 400 and 600 degrees.  Exhaust pipe leading out of the house is about 125 degrees at chest level and 100 degrees right as it leaves the house 12 ft up.

If I use a lot of small stuff and burn a hot fire, the barrel temp is 800 and the exhaust is about 160 at chest level and about 130 leaving the building 12 ft up
5 months ago

Phil Stevens wrote:

Now the latest technology for connecting rods is fractured rods where the rod is machined as one piece and then placed in a giant machine that breaks the end of the rod off.

But if you take a really precise measurement of the length of the rod before fracturing and after the parts are rejoined, they will be different and the refashioned rod will be longer. Yes, you get a better joint because the mating surfaces are perfectly matched, but the roughness of the break is what creates the gap. Even if you cleave a crystal along a plane and then put the faces together in a vacuum, there will be space larger than the molecular bonds that used to be there.

As far as the showing goes, you can look up bulking factors for all sorts of solid materials and laugh all you want, or you can do some measurements and try it out yourself.

It was a mild attempt at humor. Not to be taken literally.
5 months ago