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I stratified 16 more seeds this year, but I left them in the back of the fridge and they froze! (I couldn't even open the paper towel they were in.) I thought I had killed them, but so far, 5/16 seeds have radicles!
10 months ago
This is the best of the 5 malus sieversii, about waist high. I must have mistaken it for another kind of tree before, but now that they are budding out it definitely is the same as the other 4.

So amazing to see a completely natural, ungrafted growth habit on a fruit tree! I can't wait to see it leaf out this year...I wonder when it will have blooms?

10 months ago
Sire was meat shorthorn. She is still pretty skittish but I have high hopes....
11 months ago
I'm going to use the 12 days to tame my first calf 'Ruby' who will be about a month old on Christmas. I'd also like to train my dogs to herd the cows *calmly*. Hell, maybe I'll even try to halter train Ruby's mama.
1 year ago
So, I don't have any answers for you, just some recent thoughts...

Just went down a rabbit hole about Mycoplasma. It's a tiny bacteria that scientists are starting to link to some chronic/terminal illnesses - rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, mad cow, and infertility. Citation = Wikipedia so take this with a grain of salt.

Certainly makes me more inclined to believe the health claims about EM-1 and fermented foods.

Edited to include a non-peer reviewed link:
1 year ago
So, I went to take a picture and I forgot to mention....the weeds. This is a little embarassing...

It's hard to tell, but there are actually at least 4 Malus Sieversii in this picture. One in the front with one little leaf on top, back to the right with several stalks, straight back with one long stalk, and back left with 2 skinny stalks. Last I checked there were actually 5 of these, but I can't find the last one, hopefully it will pop out in spring.

Now, they are very SMALL (18 inches tall). However, I believe that is from the neglect, because back in 2015 one of the year-old seedlings was about 2-3 feet tall. I'm hoping that a new location with amendments and regular irrigation will work wonders.
1 year ago
Hi Scott,

I was one of those lurkers who was inspired by this OP. Back in fall 2013 I contacted Cornell University and requested seeds. I stratified 10? seeds in my refrigerator that winter, but after that I'm ashamed to say I pretty much did everything possible to try to destroy them. I left the sprouted seeds in the care of my sister's ex-boyfriend while I lived abroad for a year. When I returned, I planted the coddled seedlings with no protection on property with a resident deer herd. I thought they were definitely goners, as the deer ate them down to nubs. However, they were back again the next two years for a new level of abuse - droughty summers with no irrigation (remember the 50+ days of no rain, PNWers?). I was again out of the country for a month, and left the poor seedlings to fend for themselves. As of August 2017 they were still surviving! Unfortunately I forgot to take pics before the leaves fell off, but I did find these pics from 2014, when they were still in pots.

The rest of the seeds (they sent me a 'small' sampling of 100!) have been in my refrigerator for 4 years. I'm going to stratify some this winter, to hopefully sprout in spring, but I've learned since then that refrigerators really aren't the best place to keep seeds, so we'll see. I'll keep you posted on the seeds and the seedlings come spring.
1 year ago
I hope this is the right place to post this...just wanted to share the joy.

We found this cutie following her mom around 2 weeks ago. Bought mom as a heifer in late February so we got an awesome 2 for 1 deal! Yep, no idea she was even pregnant.

The heifer-calf is doing great, nursing and jumping around. 3/4 meat shorthorn 1/4 angus. I'm gonna try to milk her someday anyways because shorthorn were historically a triple purpose breed!
1 year ago
Hi all, I read an interesting article today about how staple foods' shelf life caused some societies to become more unequal than others. Would like to hear your thoughts.
2 years ago

I ran across this way of cleaning wool: the fermented suint method. Apparently its basically free, has great results and uses no heat or soap. You just soak the wool which ferments the sheep sweat and cleans it somehow. Lots of water use but in a greywater system that wouldnt be too much of an issue. Hopefully someone on permies has tried it and can vouch for its simplicity!

The downside is it only works with the wool from certain breeds. (the more 'primitive' ones!). Oh and it smells.